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Pregnancy Journey and Motherhood

Assalamualaikum and Hi, It feels surreal when I first open my eyes on the first day of being a mum. Pengalaman bersalin memang tak ada galang ganti nya. Dah lama sangat rasanya peram cerita pasal pregnancy ni so.. let me begin :) Tapi cerita ni panjang sikit la ye. with lots of pictures. don't say i didn't warn :p Masa tahun ke 3 kawin i was a bit worried since dah 3 kali gugur. sedih sebab bila tengok kawan2 pregnant and finally give birth. me, cried in the toilet while looking at the blood during my misscarriage :'( Then i started eat clean, change my diet. ambil makanan sunnah, ambil acid folic and went to gym. Alhamdulillah after 2 months betul2 komited, Allah gave the most precious gift. a month before i got pregnant, my parent brought me to perform umrah. kat sana memang berdoa supaya dikurniakan zuriat yang baik secepatnya. because at that moment i feel that i am ready enough to be a mother. plus, husband masa tu dah start suka kids. previously dia wor

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