Assalamualaikum and Hi :)

2015 merupakan tahun menjadi matang. I learn a lot from 2015. lebih lebih lagi mengenai rumah tangga. i learn that give and take between husband and wife is really important. you will not solve any problem if both of you wants to win everything. semua nak menang.. manyak songeh. hehe.

Last year too, i had my misscarriage. it took me few months to be 100% fine actually. siapa tak sedih kan bila kita sendiri dah excited. but everything happens for a reasons. i learnt that, never stops to pray. I still remember i pray so hard on getting pregnant and suddenly i was pregnant at that moment. how Allah listens :') after that incident, my belief and love towards Him grow unconditionally. 

I traveled!  went to Makkah, Korea, Indonesia (Bali, Bandung, Jakarta) with hubby and it feels gooood. we also did some around kl hotel hopping. feeling2 tourist sikit kata orang. hehe. but it feels great when you didn't have much time but you in the need of small getaway.

Byfatinsuhana grew. in two years time BFS had become something that i really want it to be. we moved to a better place in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam around one month before Puasa and last 2 weeks, on 25th December we opened our second branch in my hometown, Kuantan. Alhamdulillah.. it is not easy but i am glad BFS consist of great team behind it and we manage to pull it off :)

Apart from that, i am looking forward to 2016. My focus now, is family. since husband is doing real great handling almost everything except choosing the materials and designs for BFS. so i think, i am going to enjoy this year. hehe. i mean, enjoy being a housewife and getting my body in shape againnnnn. i'm aiming for 2kg lost per month. Doakan!

What's your goal this year?


  1. Congratulations for the accomplishment in 2015! Hope you'll have a great 2016. Lucky for you to have travelled to Makkah <3


  2. Selamat tahun baru, kak aten! Dont worry everything happens for reason. Btw, goodluck dalam misi 2kg. :*

  3. Good luck kk fatin. all the best for you n family too

  4. salam tahun baru dear! U'r looking great dlm semua pic. Xpe dh klu x loose weight lg kot. hehe.. Anyway May Allah swt blessed u. Nice to meet u..


  5. in shaa Allah ade lg rezeki nanti.. :)


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