Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After five + baked mac n cheese recipe.


I didn't do much things today at work.
just prepared for tomorrow's dinner at Tg. Lumpur since
GM will come over to our office.
had to discuss about the menu for the dinner.
yeay! u know how excited i am when it comes to food ;p

I reached home at 6 and felt a bit tired.
but once i heard the voice of my dear Damia n Umar,
my 2 adorable anak sedare..
nothing can compare how relieved the feeling was.
alah. macam balik rumah dgr suara anak2 panggil,
"mamaaaaa! mamaaaa!"
ok dah jauh merapu.
sorry ;p

muka letih balik office.

muka happy dgr suara kecoh Damia n Umar. huhu.

my room. tempat hibernasi paling efektif. n tempat feveret lepas balik keje.

btw harituh ada buat baked macaroni n cheese.
very easy. yg risau takut tak jadi, don't worry.
resepi ni confirm2 buat ur family cam, terpegun.
padahal sbb bahan tu sendiri dah sedap. tehehe ;p

so here's the recipe :

bahan2 :
macaroni elbow (sukatan ikut bekas yg nak guna bakar nanti)
1 tin prego cheese n herbs
cendawan butang (kuantiti ikut suka)
bread crumbs
1 sudu kecil lada hitam yg ditumbuk
black pepper hotdog (sy guna 2 je)
cheese (harituh sbb takde cheese, sy gune cheesedale je)

cara2 :
1. panaskan oven suhu 150 celcius
2. rebus macaroni smpai kembang (letak 1 sudu kecil olive oil). tos dan ketepikan.
3. rebus hotdog smpai masak. toskan. potong serong mcm potong cili, ketepikan.
4. hiris cendawan butang secara menegak.
5. ambil bekas, sapukan butter disekeliling.
6. setelah sapu butter, masukkan macaroni, 3/4 tin prego cheese n herbs, hotdog
yg dah dihiris, cendawan butang n black pepper. gaulkan sehingga macaroni tu
disaluti dgn cream prego tu td.
7. bila dah sebati, ambil 1/4 baki cream prego td tu,
letakkan sebagai topping kat atas nye. ratakan.
8. put some bread crumbs n cheese n butter. butter tak perlu byk sgt
sbb nak bg moist skit after bakar.
9. letak dalam oven for about 15-20mins.
10. siapp!

hope u guys like it :)

till then, nak rehat2. nite people! :D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

enlighten by people around me.


For those who already known me since ages, by right they should know that i can be very hot-tempered person. But that is like, once a year. Some of my friends asked me how i control my patience of not being mad at other people. Well firstly, you’re wrong. I’ve always get angry with some random people with random things that they do. Even if it doesn’t relate to me. Yeap, it’s bad. But i’m sure most of us did the same, kan? Ehe ;p but i don’t usually show how i felt about those people to public. For instance : saying rude words, menjerit sekuat hati dlm kete, perli depan2, etc.

Previously, what i did is take a deep breath and say, Astarafirullah.. sabar fatin. I’m gonna get through this. *tarik nafas lagi. But i’m just a normal person, so sometimes i can’t handle things that people do. So i made my decision by making my own ‘mencarut’ words. Ok it seems harsh, but for those who knows me very well, they know that it’s hard for me to use bad words. Even the word B*d*h. Instead of using inappropriate words, i use words that doesn’t relate to any things at all. For instance, “arghh.. this is so bawal!”, “ why laaa.. things just get even worse. I’m sooo butterfly.” See.. takde kene mengene langsung. But as for me, it works! Rasa mcm dah lepas semua. *even my lil sis gelak bile dgr kakaknye ‘mencarut’. Heh.

But by doing all those things, i found that i still have that ‘hurt’ inside. You know.. you kept thinking about the people and things they did, and because you still can’t forget, you tend to share the stories with your friends. N it became gossip. Which yeah, adalah tokok tambahnya.

Praise to Allah, i found ways to cope with this small stuff situations. It’s is so simple. Simply change the attitude of “why are they doing this?" to “what are they trying to teach me?. I admit, it sounds simple but to always remember and discipline ourselves to follow the new attitude is not that simple and easy. So what i did, i made this as my desktop background :

It’s a reminder for myself. My job is to try to determine what the people in my life are trying to teach me. Imagine that all the people that i meet is there to teach me something. For instance, last 2 days i went to post office and the postal clerk was moving slowly, intentionally. I was in a rush because i need to be in the office at 2pm. The old me will just sit there, waiting the postal clerk to finish her work wrapping my parcels and asked myself to be patience. But i know, at the end of the day i’m the one who will get hurt, n went to office in a bad mood. Tssk. So i asked myself, what are they trying to teach me? Maybe i need to learn about compassion. How hard it could be having a job that you don’t love and doing the same thing all day long, everyday. *sigh. So what i did, i try to smile and have a chat with her. We talked about my online shop (since she was reading the details on my parcels), things that i sell and some tudungs that is in trend right now. She smiled and had a small laughed during our conversation. And she did her work even quicker than before! I’m very happy and i guess so do her. Mission accomplished ;p

And yesterday, i went to megamall during lunch break to settle some things. I was very thankful to have a parking near the entrance. Since it is a side parking, i drove the car a bit further so that i can make S parking. N i gave the signal lah kan, nak cop tempat tu. So masa tgh drive ke depan skit, there’s one car terus masuk my future parking (mcm future ape je. Uhuks). So i thought maybe she didn’t see me (which is obvious she could see) , so sy pandang ke belakang n said using signal language that it’s my parking. She smiled and nodded smbil bg signal sorry. kinda relieved, i wait for her to move the car. But instead of moving the car, she parked the car nicely and take her handbag n quickly went into megamall. Really shocked for what happened, i quickly took a deep breath n beristighfar. Tak cukup sekali, 2-3 kali tarik nafas dalam2. Then i asked myself, what does the old Chinese lady trying to teach me? I just can’t think of any positive things at that moment, so i let myself to ease by finding other parking n settled the things that i wanna settle first. As i walked out from the entrance, i saw the car at the parking. Tetapi penuh dgn tahi burung, byk yg amat sgt nye. Frankly, i smiled. He saved me. Sy baru cuci kereta so kalau sy kat parking tu, kereta sy akan kotor balik. So what the old lady trying to teach me is that, to be tolerate. I might lose the chance, but He always has a reason for not giving the chance to me as He’s giving the best for every people. Allah’s knows best. :D

take care people :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Giveaway : be happy with simplysiti!

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi awak2 sume! How's your weekend? Best?
For me, it was quite hectic.
Byk ambil stok utk brg2 online shop,
Tak sabar nak tunjuk kat koranggg. Hehe

Anyways, memandangkan hari ni hari isnin..
Jgnlah bersedih sbb hari ni dah start keje/class.
I'm gonna give you something to start your day today, blh? :)

Kalau korang pernah baca from my previous entry,
Sy ada state pasal plant endorphine.n the best part is, Simplysiti offers me plant endorphine in their new product!
Which is called Dermagic.
Since ada plant endorphine, kulit kita akan jd kurang stress and bila kurang stress,
Kuranglah kedutan since ianya akan melambatkan proses penuaaan.
Produk Dermagic ni jugak bukan shj menjadikan kulit kita free from stress, malah
Akan ada effect glowing dan mencerahkan kulit.
How ohsemmss is that kan. Ahah.

Do you like Simplysiti's product?
Well here i am, gonna give their products to u,
Just for freeeee!
Tolonglah excited sekarang jugaaak. Heee.
Sbb nama produk ni Simplysiti, so giveaway ni pun, simple aja.
Tak tahu lah kat mana lagi nak dapat giveaway yg simple n hadiah yg best ni.
Ok fine, a bit of hyperbola di situ. Lalala :p

All you have to do is,
Simply write down your comment for this entry about :
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Kene buat dua2 tauuu. Sebab korang bukannye dpt satu hadiah, tp dueeeee.
N sy bukannya mencari seorang saja pemenang, tetapi tigaaaaa.
So fhm tak chances utk korang menang sgtlah tinggi?
Rugi sgt kalau tak masuk ni, sbbnya just drop ur comment here,
N mana tahu kalau u punya jawapan kreatif, i'm gonna choose u as a winner!

Tips utk menang :
- jwb dua2 soalan di comment entry ini sahaja. Hntar kat entry lain ke, email ke, tidak akan dilayan.
- setelah selesai jwb dua2 soalan, pastikan korang letak email korang so that kalau korang menang,
Sy boleh email korang. Tak ke rugi kalau tak letak email kan? Huhu
- jwapan haruslah kreatif, no plagiarism (mcm buat esaimen pulak. Tssk) n tidak terlalu panjang. Short, simple n creative is what i'm looking for :)

Alerttt : anyways, nak lebih chances utk menang blh pegi blog abg kite, AnnasEaskey sbb dea pun buat contest ini! mane tahu korang boleh menang dr blog sy n also blog Annas kan. yea! :D

Giveaway ni terbuka sehingga 1 march ini.
So apa lagi, come and join this giveaway! :D

Friday, February 24, 2012

habis madu sepah dibuang.


tadi balik2 dr office, bomba datang.
huahh, eksaited sbb dah tahu ni mesti sbb kes sarang lebah yg melampau2
banyaknye kat rumah.
orang kata tak apa kalau tak memudaratkan,
tp sbb skang smpai dah ada 5 sarang lebah n dah start masuk ke dalam rumah,
abah mencadangkan utk panggil superhero malaya shj, iaitu abamm bombamm.
*asal cam geli je ayat. heh.

malas nak cite panjang2 sbb masih letih balik keje +
eksaited dpt makan madu fresh + adrenalin byk keluar.
berdasarkan gambar, sila tulis karangan tidak melebihi 100 patah perkataan.
terima kasih!

faham tak? ehehe.
cepat buat karangannnn :p

till then,
enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

cooking and me.


when it comes to food, i always feel excited.
lebih2 lagi kalau masak sendiri.
sejak balik kuantan ni slalu masak lauk je la
sbb it's an everyday meal.
kalau tak letih balik keje baru buat kek, kuih or ape2 yg
perut ni terasa nak makan.

kat sini nak share ngn korang mcm mana nak buat kuih gunting.
paling simple. paling mudah. tp nampak mcm susah nak buat.
kire kalau korang nak buat doorgift ke mase bertunang ke kawen ke,
buat sniri je lah. then letak dlm bekas omey2. motif doorgift? tssk.
dulu2 slalu buat byk2 then simpan dlm tupperware.
smbil study/tgk tv, makan mende alah ni.
sedappp. sedar2 dah habis. ehes.

what you need :
kulit popia 4 segi (saiz kecil)-byk jual kat bhgn frozen food kat mall.
1 sudu besar tepung gandum
6 sudu besar air kosong

tu je.
iye, itu sahaja.
cara2nya :

1. campurkan tepung gandum ngn air dan letak dlm satu bekas.
2.ambil kulit popia dan 'tap' kan air tepung gandum tu ke atas nya.
jgn byk sgt nanti jd lembik.
3. ambil bucu kulit popia dan start menggulung sekreatif mungkinnn.
4. gulung2 smpai dah tak boleh gulung. then ambil gunting potong
stick ni td mcm potong cili. potong serong2.
5. panaskan minyak di atas kuali. agak2 minyak dah panas, goreng
kuih tu td.
6. bila warna dah start kuning keemasan, angkat dan toskan.
7. siappp!

so mcm ni la gayenye kuih gunting tu ye.
topping sy letak gula icing, so manis2 skit rasanya.
korang blh try letak serbuk kari ke, serbuk nestum (nestum+gula+garam sikit= blend),
or anything yg korang rasa ngam ngn perut korang.

bile balik rumah tak sempat na ambil gambar lepas masak,
sbbnye slalu mkn terus. sobs.
bile dah habis baru teringat. antara makanan yg sempat snap
sebelum sempat smpai ke perut :

nasi briyani

red velvet cake
lauk2 melayu

i want to blog about cooking since it's one of my passion,
harap2 sy rajin lah update blog ni dan rajin ambil gambar selepas masak ;p
till then, take care people!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

weekend with the girls.

Assalamualaikum :)

sabtu lepas sy ke kl bersama gadis2 kesayangan,
nadia, farah n elly. it's actually our first roadtrip together.
but it would be nicer if our babe, nadrah joined us.
tp memandangkan nad masih di uk, later kami akan
buat roadtrip lagi :)

selain berjalan2 dan misi menggemukkan nadia yg semakin
kurus katanya, sy involved dalam bengkel makeup
bersama kak etty garib.
bengkel kali ni sgt2 best sbb kak etty ajar makeup
yg sgt minimalis!
teknik solekan yg betul, warna2 pastel dan soft
sangatlah cantik bila diapply ke atas muka student2
bengkel ni.

see. see. tak makeup heavy pun boleh nampak anggun bergaya :')

ustazah pilihan, ustazah firuz pun join sekali. serius dia sgt baik n sporting!

all of us :

ini pule gadis2 kesayangan kiteee :

i had fun last week.
this weekend berehat di kuantan due to food poisoning. tssk.

till then, take care people!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Truly Addiction.


awak2 sume, sy dah ada on9 shop sendiriiii.
excited! Alhamdulillah :)
siapa2 yg nak tgk brg2 yg sy akan jual,
bolehlah rajin2 melawat belog baru saye ye.

i called her :
boleh klik sini utk ke blog,
dan siniiii utk support fanpage kami di facebook.
ytime kasih! :)

pssst, currently kat blog ni tgh jual innerneck yg super hebak tuu!
baik korang cepat2 rembat sebelum terlambat.


The Kodak moment after 132 years.


I bet most of us who were raised in the year of 70’s until late 90’s knew Kodak’s brand. Even when i was a kid, i called the negative film as Kodak. Well, i guess u guys did the same. Don’t you? ;p Anyways, Kodak is a very well known product during its day. It’s like Google or Apple during that day. But it is a big disappointment not only for me, but to most of the Kodak’s lover since Kodak is no longer exist in the market. They can’t sustain in the market which is full of competition. As we all know, in business there will always be a competition. And competition in business will always be cruel. Mm, ok,ok. Most of it is cruel, not all.*sigh. But have you ever wondered why does this such gigantic company that was regularly rated one of the world’s five most valuable brands in the 1990’s has safely rest in peace? And why does Fujifilm, their nearest competitor can still sustain in the market eventhough their sales is estimated as average compared to Kodak?

Let us see this as a lesson to be learn. Shall we? Many of us didn’t know that Kodak was the first company that produce digital camera. They launched their first digital camera in 1975, if i am not mistaken. That was nearly 37 years ago! To be clear, they’re the one who pioneer the invention of camera digital. Technology has raised them to the highest peak, but it is also technology that brought them to the down fall. “You press the button, we do the rest,” was their slogan back in 1888. How irony if we read it now, when Kodak is no longer exist. I know.

Why oh why this happened? After reading some articles about this, there are 2 reasons that i found interesting. First, Kodak had this mentality of producing only the perfect products. I know some or most of you might not agree with this, but it’s happening guys. It’s good to produce only the finest and perfect products. But for how long does it takes for your loyal customers to wait for your new products? By the time you came out with your super innovation, it’s already too late. So how it’s going to work in this market? Simply have the mindset of make it, launch it, fix it –as told by Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School. It is true! Take Sony as an example. I bought a handphone from Sony, which is Satio. Frankly, it’s the worst phone i’ve ever had. Too many problems ; hang, slow, touch screen didn’t sensitive, etc. Then, after Sony produce other similar phones like that, i found they managed to cope with the problems. Belajar dari pengalaman orang kata. Ahah.

Second, is because of fear to expand to other different field. It might be high in risk, but in business u’ll always hear this, high risk = high return. If you want to be moderate, it’s fine. But if new technology and new competitor come, you have to struggle a lot more. For me, it is better to be a risk taker, before you risk your company to downfall by doing nothing. At least, you’re trying. Isn’t it? As for example, Fujifilm diversified more successfully. They had launched a line of cosmetics, called Astalift. It is sold in Asia and currently is being launched in Europe this year. Not bad for an old company huh?

I like to write more about this but i don’t know whether you found my writing is quite serious than other previous entry. Huhu.. sorry. will stop here, i need to have enough rest. Having my practical at Petronas is really challenging. To be frank, today is the first day i had my lunch at kuantan. For the past days i’m having my practical, i had to go for outstation. And there is a lot of meetings, discussion with the Dato’s, etc. Since i’m the only girl, i tried to be tough. But then, today i’ve got my fever. Haha. Kuat gile org2 laki nih bekerja sebenarnye. Respect you guys. Might be away next week for outstation. So i need to recover this fever very fasssst. Haih. But seriously, i love my work! :D

Till then, gudnite people. ZzZz.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thinking of you.


i was cleaning up my room when i found this,

i've never read it. who wrote this to me?
so i opened the pink envelope n there's a cute heart card in it.

it says,

Dear fatin,
this 1 month with you was just so amazing. 4 years ago,
before i come here i've never imagined to have such an special girl in my life.
i am happy and relaxed when i am with you. i always think you
as my sister and i hope you feel the same way i do.
i will always miss you smiling, laughing and sleeping beside me eventhough the alarm
is ringing. that's us, huh?
you and your family is so part of my life.
fatin, i love you sooooo much! eventhough we are apart,
we are together forever, right?
love you & miss you all the time.

i shed my tears right after i finished reading it.
rie back then, somehow.. is part of my life.
she's my japanese friend.
she came to my house as an exchange student
when i was in form 2.

after that we keep on contact each other untill
finally, after i finished my spm,
i went to her house in japan,
somewhere in kyoto to be exact.

i spend a month there,
knowing their culture, her
family, school, etc.
but most of all, i can spend more time with her,
face to face. cuddling each other, telling stories,
singing sheila majid songs n teach her
to recite some doa since she really loves islam :)

after i spent a month there,
she decided to follow me back to malaysia.
she's really sweet!

she stayed at my house
for almost 3 weeks
before she went back to japan since her
class is going to start at that time.

after that we still keep on contacting each other.
then one day she said she's going to go to kyrgyzstan
for 6 months.
that was the last time we ever contact each other.
i don't know what happened to her.
she didn't reply my emails n all.
n today.. i just found the letter she wrote
almost 5 years ago :'(

i miss u, rie miyauchi..

Monday, February 6, 2012

letting go : preloved sales!


yes, it's preloved sales again people!
jangan risau, kualiti baju2 ini masih lagi baik since
sy hanya pakai 2-5 kali sahaja.
daripada membazir sbb tak pakai lebih baik
sy share dgn awak2 sume. kan? :)

harga dibawah TIDAK termasuk poslaju ye.
poslaju RM6 utk satu barang.
RM2 utk setiap tambahan barang ke2-3.

SERIOUS BUYER only. booking dan bank in dalam masa 2 hari.

jika berminat, hantarkan
nama penuh, kod pilihan, alamat dan nombor telefon ke :

jom tgk! :D


code : flower girl
booked for faeizah

code : beach girl
never worn (kitschen's brand)
booked for hidayati

code : red seduction
booked for syazana

code : lovely lace
booked for farah diyana

code : lady in black
booked for zakiah

code : back to 50's
booked for yunaidah

code : checkered pink
booked for nur izzati

code : office lady

code : redilicious
booked for nur hafizah

code : black swan
never worn
booked for siti nasuha

code : circles
booked for syazana


code : ms red
booked for kak sue.

code : abstract
booked for farah

code : sailor stripes
booked for alynn

code : puff cream
booked for farah

code : 4 tone shawl
booked for alynn