Thinking of you.


i was cleaning up my room when i found this,

i've never read it. who wrote this to me?
so i opened the pink envelope n there's a cute heart card in it.

it says,

Dear fatin,
this 1 month with you was just so amazing. 4 years ago,
before i come here i've never imagined to have such an special girl in my life.
i am happy and relaxed when i am with you. i always think you
as my sister and i hope you feel the same way i do.
i will always miss you smiling, laughing and sleeping beside me eventhough the alarm
is ringing. that's us, huh?
you and your family is so part of my life.
fatin, i love you sooooo much! eventhough we are apart,
we are together forever, right?
love you & miss you all the time.

i shed my tears right after i finished reading it.
rie back then, somehow.. is part of my life.
she's my japanese friend.
she came to my house as an exchange student
when i was in form 2.

after that we keep on contact each other untill
finally, after i finished my spm,
i went to her house in japan,
somewhere in kyoto to be exact.

i spend a month there,
knowing their culture, her
family, school, etc.
but most of all, i can spend more time with her,
face to face. cuddling each other, telling stories,
singing sheila majid songs n teach her
to recite some doa since she really loves islam :)

after i spent a month there,
she decided to follow me back to malaysia.
she's really sweet!

she stayed at my house
for almost 3 weeks
before she went back to japan since her
class is going to start at that time.

after that we still keep on contacting each other.
then one day she said she's going to go to kyrgyzstan
for 6 months.
that was the last time we ever contact each other.
i don't know what happened to her.
she didn't reply my emails n all.
n today.. i just found the letter she wrote
almost 5 years ago :'(

i miss u, rie miyauchi..


  1. sweetnya kawan FS...:) nak juga la mcm tu..kemas bilik tetiba jumpa something..hehhe:)

  2. sweet sangat :)
    harap rei miyauchi sihat walafiat

  3. anis teringin nak ada kawan jauh macam tu.insyaAllah kawan kak fatin sihat mungkin dia sibuk.think positif kak :)

  4. alala bestnye ade posto sweet untuk die . i love you too jgak kak fatin hihik !

  5. aini yg baca pon terharu,.
    urmm,.kenapa dia mnghilang ea...
    harap2 dia sihat2 je,.=)

  6. sweet...u're went to japan by u're self?? tht's interesting huh...spm student fly by herself to japan ^^

  7. Wow. Speechless. She was fine back then I think. :)

  8. part dia ikut k.fatin tu sangat best ok =) it shows that she really loves you :)

  9. how sweet =) hope she will be fine..

  10. so touching lah..huwa..dahsyat nye bru jumpe stelah 5 years..OMG !!^^

  11. laa npe die tbe2 hilang??
    hmmmm.. sokey dear, berdoa agakr die sihat n slmt :)

  12. try la carik dia balik kat alamat rumah dia yg kat Jepun tu.... hantar posto.. :P

  13. Bestnyer ade fren dr Korea n I hope u will find her soon... n i pray for u FS...

  14. awww this is sad :( agreed with shamimie's suggestion.if you still have her house's address then send her letters i am sure she still remembers you :) good luck fatin

  15. Salams
    Nice blog and lovely design.
    Would you kindly please link to my blog from here? Jazakallah

  16. Fatin S,
    please do something!!
    like keep send email or why dont u pegi je ke kyoto? dying to know what happend to her!!


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