My engagement story.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Alhamdulillah.. there is 2 months left before i am officially someone's wife. to be precise, Mueiz's wife Insha-Allah. we have been friends since we're 12 years old and now i am 25. i grew up with him. half of my life is with him. I still remember the first date that we had. It was early form 4, before i went to SBPI kuantan and Mueiz to MRSM PC, kelantan. My second brother accompanied me. we played bowling together although it seems a bit awkward. HAHA. thank you abang wan.

Merisik was after AidilAdha last year. The engagement was held at my parents house in Kuantan. 15th March 2014. Most of the preparation i did it by my own, since it is a small event. dah cakap dekat umi.. umi just panggil sdara mara and jiran terdekat datang je. tu je tugas umi :D

the pelamin
I am totally satisfied with the pelamin! had my pelamin at Ujies Collection, Kompleks Teruntum kuantan. thanks to my friend, Shai. boleh check dekat kompleks teruntum tingkat satu. dekat dengan escalator. yang bestnya, harga ikut kemampuan kita :)

waiting for the rombongan lelaki to come. aih berdebar.

As for hantaran, Aunty nora our neighbour did for us. i simply love the deco. it really suits my taste. thank you so much aunty nora :)

the lovely cake
This cake, i must say.. WIN. it is simple yet very exclusive. order the cake from my neighbour too, Aunty Na. she is a pretty mother with pretty hands that bakes pretty cakes. you can check her blog, she's taking order for any events. i always ordered her cakes whenever i came back to Kuantan. her red velvet, chocolate moist cake.. is the BEST. well actually, she's the one who inspire me in baking. sebab aunty na lah, sy suka baking :)

As for makeup, i did it by myself. but since my lil sis is a makeup artist, i do fully utilised it. tehehe. thank you farah :)

just a simple makeup will do just fine :)

oh did I told you that the dress is from Byfatinsuhana? tried to made custom made and Alhamdulillah.. i love it to bits :)

zhe family :) abang pi and kak wani missing in action. huhu

my girls :)

she pretty bridesmaids
Finally, rombongan lelaki came. dup dap. dup dap. Mueiz didn't came. we stick with the traditional way which the guy didn't came during the engagement event :)


and the ladies are welcoming each and every of the guests

Mueiz's cousie aka bff. ahah

oh ya, i was very nervous. but excited at the same time ;p

future mother in law. she's so kind! Alhamdulillah.. couldn't wait to be part of the family :)

my one and only abah :)

my future father in law :)

Alyaa and Nani, Mueiz's pretty sisters :D
it's a wrap! dah, korang tengok gambar.  hihi

gengkuantan.. thank you for your presence.. walaupun korang sibuk, korang tetap datang. tq so much :')

all these pretty pictures are from Zameer. i just love all the pictures that i don't know which one to choose to upload it here. cantik sangat semua2. haih. Zameer.. u made all the pictures look worth every seconds. thank you for being sporting. thank you for such a pretty pictures. thank you for everything! you can check his ig : muhammadzameer

lastly, please pray for my wedding. doakan kami ya :)


  1. cantikk nye! sume cantikkk! btw congrate!

  2. congrats kak fatin ! semoga kekal hingga ke jannah hendaknya .

  3. Simple tapi cantik sangat majlis tunang Kak Fatin, your dress tu gila cantik okay hehe. Tak sabar nak tengok kak Fatin punya akad nikah reception semua tu pulak. Semoga bahagia di samping yg tersayang.

  4. Beautiful! Cant wait to see the wedding insyaAllah ;)

  5. so sweet!!!! i wish you happily ever after!

  6. congrats akak! cantik sesgt! simple n nice! xsabar nk tgk wedding pulak..

  7. Such a lovely engmnt fatin..paling suka gmbr u ngan bridemaids kat dedaun tu ohsem okehh ;-) cant wait for ur wedding day

  8. Such a lovely engmnt fatin..paling suka gmbr u ngan bridemaids kat dedaun tu ohsem okehh ;-) cant wait for ur wedding day

  9. Simple but elegant luv it so much.. anyway congrats kak fatin

  10. tahniah kak fatin. simple but gojessss amat ! ^^

  11. finally ada jugak entri e-day kak fatin. congrats kak fatin :)

  12. Hahahaha Mira paling gedik. Btw congrats Che Wan ! (Mira duk sebut sebut Che Wan , so yes terjebak. Teheee).

  13. tahniah
    gambar sgt2 cantik
    simple tapi sweet

  14. Cantek fatin..xsabar lak nk tgk majls nikah n sanding,mesti superb chantek n meriah..;-)

  15. Fatin beli kat mana ye bekas minyak Wangi n belt&wallet tu? tq

  16. subhanallah...everything is perfect.i pray for your happiness dear...

  17. kak fatin... u r juz beautiful.. baru tau kak fatin ex-sbpik!!! i am your junior.. teheheh

  18. perfect engagement. congrats :) happy for you..

  19. pelamin cantik gileee

  20. suke dress yang kak fatin pakai, detail dekat pinggang dia paling cantik sekali! congrates on ur engagement and wedding, insyaallah... :) peace

  21. org canteq.. pakai apepun canteq.. hihi.. congrates yerp... semoga majlis nanti berjalan dengan lancar (,")

  22. Tahniah fatin! Everything looks perfect.. Seorang lagi blogger akan menamatkan zaman bujang selepas Yuyu dan Cik Epal.. tahniahhh! :D

  23. Kak fatin, I wonder why ada y pkai dress colour blue, baby blue and green?

  24. tahniah FS..semoga hubungan kekal till jannah.

  25. Tahniah Fatin.. Semua cantik, orangnya, baju, deco.. =)


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