Pioneer X-HM21V-S. love at first sight

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Still remember that i had posted about my Pioneer sound system? basically haritu sy tulis mengenai characteristic yang ada pada my Pioneer X-HM21V-S. so today i will share to you about my experience with Pioneer X-HM21V-S.

Love at First Sight

that was it. enough. My Pioneer X-HM21V-S is definitely a sound system that i will fall over and over again. with it simple and small shape, dark colour and fine finishing.. it is like a furniture that fits all your deco. i put it at my boutique in front of cashier. customers didn't noticed that it was a sound system since it looks so nice.

With 2 speaker coming, i can put it besides each other or simply put it the other way round. please take note that the sound system is VERY VERY PLEASANTLY GOOD. i usually put my classical/jazz/Quran recite and the outcome really calms me. somehow there's a magic in it. tak bingit telinga if pasang kuat2 pun. sangat berpuas hati.

My fiance usually just put his USB and hear the song when he's doing his work. sometimes he use his phone for Paris cafe radio and made Pioneer X-HM21V-S as speaker. totally feels like Paris. tehee.

again, basically these are the specifications that made me fall :

• Front loading DVD tray
• Front USB input - mudah keje ai, cucuk je usb dpt dengar lagu clear and best!
• External iPhone/iPod stand
• FM tuner with 40 preset stations - blh dengar IKIM, FLY, HOT.. wee.
• Total system power: 30 W (15 W X 2)
• 2-way type speaker system incorporating a 50 mm tweeter and a 100 mm woofer
yang ini paling terbaik lah. sebab finishing nya sangat cantik.
• Speaker cabinets with black lamination and detachable grille

you guys can check their facebook page here, and their website here.

so, what not to love? :)


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