Some things never change.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

I've always love to travel. tak kisah lah seorang atau backpacking with some girls, anything will do. as long as they know the true meaning of travel and not just taking photo and selfie ;p it is more than that. it is the feeling when you go abroad and understand the culture there. be it the language, food, fashion, street market, history.

If people travel with me they know i'm a museum lover.  I can spent one full day just in a museum. history is great! i've always put myself in the history time to make me understand more about what's happened in the past. 

well anyways, sebenarnya tadi tertengok semula gambar2 masa travel dulu. masa belajar dulu selalu travel and my first time travel abroad alone is after i finished my SPM. i went to japan for a month. stayed with japanese family and i got the chance to go to school everyday for 2 weeks. walaupun tak paham apa yang sensei ajar except english, the experience is priceless :')

After that ada pegi backpacking to several places around Europe. this is also nice sebab we made our schedule very packed ala2 amazing race. memang hati kering sume geng2 ni. pakai baju pun rotate je, beg berat sangattt and ada this one time masa sampai dekat interlaken, swiss. turun dari train station, kitaorang berjalan kaki dengan beg galas besarr for idk how many kilometres untuk sampai ke hostel. jalan kaki okay. we need to save budget. kate backpack. but it was really a great experience :')

masa ni beg tak penuh lagi. boleh la lari2 anak lagi. huhu

met new friends in uk

beli brg2 kat primark utk travel. murah and jimat

our group :) they're all bank negara scholar

feelin2 sikit mase ni first time sampai paris :))

macam ni lah keadaan masa lunch kat jepun. bawa bekal and share2. best!

bila pergi tempat orang, there will always be a lot of adventure, challenges and all. dengan beza bahasa lagi, cuaca extreme (some places negative celcius), makanan.. fuhh sebenarnya kalau difikirkan balik memang memenatkan. Again, it is worth every penny.

Apart from everything is changing.. there are some other things that will not change. for instance, our home. in a bigger scale, Malaysia. malaysia will always have it's own words for each of us. cuba kalau kita tanya student yang study abroad, they will always misses Malaysia. cuaca, makanan, friendly people, great place to shop, dan banyakk lagi.

Besides home, family is also one of the things that will never change. they will stick with us thru thick and thin, ups and downs. kemana-mana kita pergi, perasaan bersama keluarga takkan sama dengan perasaan bersama orang lain. walaupun dengan teman rapat. agree? ;)

well, there are another thing that is not change.

guess what?


Some good things are worth priceless. Not every good things are expensive. I love how Domino’s know their pride and still give affordable price to customers. Eventhough GST akan implement soon, harga Dominos yang kita bayar tetap sama. Heard that what we pay is not only the same, but some of it might get even cheaper.My my! #paysameorless. these are some of the things that will DEFINATELY be in my list kalau nak take­away. #stillthesame orless price.

Tell me, why do you like Domino’s ? is it because of the taste, variety of selection, the desserts, or simply because it is your love at first sight pizza? Love to hear your comments with #stillthesameand #paysameorless hashtag. Put it in your instagram so that I can check it out

have you tried Dominos Cheese burst double decker? okay tu my favourite crust. jap i let you know my fave kalau pergi Dominos : crust- Cheese burst double decker with BBQ chicken. combination these two memang marvelousss. and the desserts too. please try their Banana kaya dessert and Caramel stickey dessert. oh and also chocolate lava cake. you will be surprised at how good their desserts are. seriously.

and the pizza. hmm. do i need to say more? rich with toppings! andyes, we pay #stillthesame or even lesser price. wee. Drive to Domino's Pizza Facebook for more information. Guess I’m going to buy the pizza after this. sedapnyaa

till then, take care people :)


  1. bestnya dpt "kebenaran" nak pergi jalan2 cmtu. Nevertheless, you look pretty before, now and always. :D

  2. owh, ada tengok dalam paper gambar yang dekat kawasan salji tu..oo rupanya awak lah model tu ya..

  3. wowww... travel n stay at japan for a month?? bestnya. camna blh dpt attend school dia.. n dominos pizza is my favorite too :-) normally i love seafood n chicken hawaii seb originally dh ada extra cheese dlm dia...hehe.. i'm a cheese lover


  4. taw fatin suka backpacking,same goes to i can said that im addicted to travel!!!


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