ship that last forever.

assalamualaikum and hye there ;)
guess what, i'm in kuantan!
will spend my precious moment untill sunday.

i'm not in the mood to write actually, (coz it's kinda late which i prefer to watch moviessss)
but still, i wanna put some of the pics taken from my hp.
*gedik. ;p
it's what i've did this week :

1) celebrated Niks' 21st birthday!
venue : upin ipin boutique cafe, sec 7 shah alam.
me n some of the x-MPP of uitm jengka had a small gathering,
n we had fun!
eventhough it's not for long,
but still, we had fun that night.
seriously guys, we need to arrange for
next event!
this time, no proposal ;p

*liwau n zulhilmi

*zul n pesa.

*the birthday cakee! ;)

*the girls. 3 of them are some of the peeps that i respect ;)

*me, nad, nik n ummi
friends. sampai mati ;)

2) nite out wif housiee ;)
venue : sunway pyramid
me, hanna, fatin n mira were actually planning to
watch inception which turns out, SOLD OUT.
so, it was like. oh-my-god-i-really-wanna-see-this-
how-could-pyramid-do-this..blablabla ;p
but no worries, we do have fun. hihi.
n thanks to ammar for being our bodyguard that nite.

3) library the so-called-my 2nd home.
venue: faculty library, uitm shah alam.
doing nothing, just spending some time
in library with classmates reading some magazines while
waiting for the next class.
which the class is cancel.
*dugaan hidup.

till then, nite all!
salam ;)


  1. fatennn,,nak tau psal faten fasiha tu lahh. sbb mcm kenal dyee

  2. tantekk sgt sis pkai tudung tuu...=))

  3. saliha : ahah.. cemane ley knal dea ea..? she's from wangsa maju ;)

    syamin : ehes.. tudung bli kat jln TAR je pun ;p

  4. itulahh. nme ngn rupe mmg mcm kenal. tp bile faten kata shes from wangsa..haha. im sure..wrong person already. heh


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