because Baby-G is my first crush.

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Masa  kecil2 dulu selalu berharap masa birthday umi dan abah bagi hadiah special. hadiah wajib masa dulu adalah barbie. lolz. but I remember this one time.. when it was my 10th birthday, Abah gave me a watch, and it was Baby-G. my first watch! I really love it that I don't fall for any new watch that abah gave after that. 

It was quite long time ago since I have sporty look watch like Baby-G. well actually, VERY LONG TIME. since it took about 15 years after that. the first time I have my new baby-G.. it was like having all those memory back. I still remember how "strong" I am facing the day during school times after i had my Baby-G. dulu2 budak laki suka kacau cakap nak kawin dengan kite. kite tak tahan the stress jadi cakap kat cikgu nak gi tandas, pastu kuar kelas cari pondok telefon. telefon umi kat office sambil nangis cakap suh ambil kite sekarang juga. HAHA.

but that was before i wore BABY-G. SERIOUSLY, BABY-G CHANGED ME. 

I had this for me new Baby-G watch :')
People asked me.. why I always wear this watch recently.. simply because it have everything I want. one of it is giving me a strong iron lady aura. and i know, only Baby-G could give me that :').

Other reasons :

Mineral Glass
Shock Resistant
100-Meter Water Resistance
Case/bezel material : Resin
Resin Band
Neon Illuminator (blacklight LED)
World Time
1/1 Second Stopwatch
5 Daily Alarms
Total Weight 45g

There's too much good things in this one watch. and I can fit it with most of my attire. bagus kan? :')

The other day, I had my meeting with big client for my boutique, Byfatinsuhana. and I feel really confident when I had BabyG with me. no, no. it's not a tangkal ok. but it features makes me feel like i am strong. korang pernah rasa macam jadi superhero tak? haa. macam tu lah. omgee. i feel like i was imagining things all the time. so sorry for my imperfections :')

well, let me show you some of my pictures with BabyG. jom2.
masa stok baru masuk. babyG jadi peneman setia.

during my holiday kat jakarta. and had my dinner that night at Grand Indonesia. 

after kemas2 kedai dan buat kerja diluar. 
i love it because it fits perfectly with my small hand. i love it because it has alarm. i love it because it makes me look bold and strong even people know i am very graceful (sila muntah berjemaah). to make it short, i love everything about BabyG.

to know more about my watch or other type of BabyG, you guys can check them out :

or you can also find G-Factory (a concept store by Casio, carries the wide range of the major 5 brands- G-shock, Bbay-G, Edifice, Sheen and Pro Trek) at Sunway pyramid, Fahrenheit 88, Paradigm Mall, Isetan KLCC, Mid Valley, East Coast Mall, Suria Sabah, Gurney Paragon, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka and JB City Square

oh btw, A new G-Factory outlet will be opened in Nu Sentral mid April, so don't forget to follow their social media pages to keep updated on latest offers, contests and announcements!

till then, take care people :)


  1. tgok org pkai macam cantek..tpi tak tau la suit me ke tak..ehehe

  2. cantiknye baju u yg kaler black bertingkat2 tu..kat mane cantik jugak tgk member dh melepasi zaman tu huhuhu

    Kulit Sihat & Cantik Menawan

  3. Ingat G-shock, ingat jam yang boleh masuk air


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