My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Having such a busy schedule didn’t stop me to do things that I like. For example, my own wedding. Hewhew. Melampau lah kan kalau wedding pun nak tunggu free. Tapi tu lah, pembahagian masa sangatlah penting. And one more thing, the gadget that we use is also crucial in terms of doing our work efficiently.

Bayangkan kalau pergi bercuti, dan kerja banyaaak. Takkan nak bawa lappy. So that’s when my Samsung Tab 4 became my life saver! Ada banyak sebab why I choose Samsung Tab 4. First of all is because it is “just right’. The screen is 7inch so it is very convenient to do my work. Not too small like normal handphone nor not too big like laptop/notebook. Sometimes I did my ask husband to carry it for me because it is so small that my hubby can put it in his jeans pocket. Soo easy. As for me, I can finally wear smaller handbag but in the same time, it’s equal like I’m bringing all my important files and pappy.

Since I’m using it for both business and personal purpose, I tend to use multi windows. Usually I will spend around 30 minutes per day before I went to sleep just to check my stock, emails and also at the same time, having time to chat with my girlfriends. You know how stress it is when the stocks are not coming yet kan.. so bila ada orang untuk chatting at the same time.. rasa stress tu kurang la. Hehe.

The other reasons why I choose to have Samsung Tab 4, is because of its sleek design. i don’t have to bring all my files with me when I’m in the middle of my client, agent and customers. Just one Tab is enough. I just need to download and sometimes I do made my slides and editing in the Tab because it is easier.  And then, that’s it! I am off to go for a meeting and presentation. So easy and stylish that still makes me in the fashion statement.

Oh by the way, since I love white colour I choose to have a white back leather-like back design. kalau kotor sikit kat belakang, just perlu lap je. N sebab back macam tu, so takkan calar. Best kot :’)

I think, that’s all la kot nak celoteh pasal this tab. If you’re looking for a tab that is not too big but still have it’s sleek design, portable and just right,  this is the best so far. I know I can give review yang ade numbers, statistic and all.. but this is just my frank review after I’m using it. You guys can google and check their other attributes.. okay?

Till then, take care!


  1. I'm planning to get a tab too. Thanks for review ais!

  2. Dah lama teringin nak beli TAB. belum kesampaian lagi....huhuhu

  3. Assalamualaikum dan singgah pagi...suka samsung tab ni...


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