sorry to say.

maaflah kalau ada yang tak suke
dgn blog sy yang tak seberapa.
sy manusia biasa.
mungkin blog sy nampak gedik ke. lebih2 ke.
idk. u judge by your own.
i'm just trying to share my happiness
with others.
pendapat. crite2 tentang harian.
those normal things.
so kepada yang tak suka sy..
u have 2 choice :

first, u can delete me from your frenlist. n
don't ever read my blog or anything about me.
second, step ahead. tell me who u are.
n let me know why you don't like me.
tougher people will do this ;)

but one thing for sure.
i can't change myself to be what you want.
i am me.
n Insya-Allah.. in God's will, i'll change to someone better.
better than now.
do pray for me. don't just sit there
n talk bad things.
sorry, but that's old fashion ;)

yurp. i am fatinsuhana.
and this is me.

p/s : kalau sy emo2 macam ni slalu, rase mau delete je la blog ni. stick dgn blog lama yg private. ok? aha.


  1. u look different lah sis. nice with heavy make up :)

  2. fatin, at this place where you are standing right now, everyone's watching. and of course byk je org yg tak satisfy ngn diri kite maybe because they're jealous or ape2 jelahkn dlm hati org. we can't make everyone loves us tapi jgn biakan mereka2 menjatuhkan kita. awk ade baaaanyak lagi org2 yg menyokong awk, i bet! and jgn la delete blooooog ni.. heeee :D

  3. jgn2. nanti saya dah takde bahan bacaan. sila jgn delete blog ni =)

  4. fatin, biasa la tu orang macam ni obvious sgt dengki dgn private fatin da takleh baca. jangan la delete blog ni. pleaseeee :)

    fatin sentiasa cantik.

  5. jgn delete!
    nti xdpt nk sk0deng2 bl0g fatin lagi.
    damn like ur style~

  6. babe, gile cantik the photos! cair boleh? :p
    love ya! continue doing what u feel like doing, always be who u are and insyaAllah, no matter what certain people will say at the beginning, at the end of the day, they will respect the way u are.
    and in life, we can't really satisfy everybody. tu je kene ingat. <3

  7. babe, org cantik mst ade yg xpuas hati...
    tu norma kehidupan. hepy 2 hear dat u r proud to be urself.jgn jadi org lain.

    biar je diorg nk kate ape...Tuhan bg bisu br tau..hik3

  8. tin. aku merayu. tlg jgn delete blog ni. huhuhuhuhu.

  9. jangan nak jadi orang lain ok. jangan nak jadi plastik. ape yang kondem2 u tu hebat sangat ah?

  10. ouh..this time i want to comment..tell u wt dear..dont waste ur energy to think bot tis people..some people x bole tgk orang lebeyh skiet..jenis HATI BUSUK...

  11. dear che tin,

    because u r very pretty inside and outside..
    tuh yang buat ade org dengki dgn fatin..
    bagus la..just be urself.;)
    yelah..buat apa pretend jdi org lain yg bukan diri sndiri kan?
    sabar byk2 ye..
    may Allah SWT bless u..
    love u girl.

  12. Fatin dear,,
    for me, there is nothing wrong wif ur blog,,
    its ur blog,,
    its ok to share everything dat going around u,,
    be urself k ^_^

  13. just ignore them syg! Insya Allah.. Allah with us. :)

    btw syg.. i dropped by.. sbb i sgttt suke the last tudung .. the white one. how does it looks like? cemane pkai eh? :)

    p/s : sorry. comment tibe2 cmni kn.. heheh. >.<

  14. faten... bagi nita mereka dengki kan faten.. bese la... nak2 pompuan.. mesti cemburu tengok faten yang cantek lagi nice.. nita percaya kalau mereka tahu perangai faten yg sebenarnya mesti die nyesal cakap gitu.. ok just be strong...

  15. ala........dun delete ur blog.. kalau ada yang tak suka dengan ur blog, ada lagi ramai yang suka.. serius i tell u.. dun giv up for something yg tak patut diambil kisah ni.. u know urself better.. be strong and keep it up! ^_^

  16. cehh..jangan peduli ngan mereka yg jelez2 tu..ape kes is a is like an online of koz la cite pasal lyfe kite..bukan cite psl makcik tipah kan..juz hate people who critique others blog..(-_-)''

  17. u know what..
    i baru kena dgn my old schoolmates
    few weeks ago
    takde angin takde ribut
    and most important thing is mmg lost contact gila
    but suddenly...
    i heard some gossip..
    they hate myblog
    i takde reason y it must happen but when i asked them..
    diorang ckp im showing off
    mcm u ckp jgk...
    kte just tulis our story
    tp kalau org tak suka
    diorang akn ckp pe je diorang nak

    just ignore them
    lama2 diorang akan stop
    the only reason they did this to u sebenarnya...
    diorang jealous!

  18. You Cantik sangat Fatin.
    Alhamdulilah :)

  19. dear..please..just ignore some kind of bitches that always try to critic and condemn u..they just want to gain ur attention..because, gorgeous people owez envy by others!!!

    so weird and funny dear..if they hate u..or they so annoyed with u..but why they keep stalking ur blog?it means that..they jeleous dear..just let them..orang xde otak memang mcm tu..dont get offended.

    kat my blog pon..lagi hebat sampaikan buat i menangis..mula2 down giler..but then..just ignore je..okey..

    i am here to say something to u,dear
    if people say something about u or
    judge you as if they know u, don't
    get offended..just remember that "dogs don't
    bark if they know the person"

    so, it is either u grow up or u give up.
    btw 1st time here n really love ur blog..follow u..feel free to visit mine.waiting 4 u

  20. faten dear! saye harap awak tabah!.

  21. kak fatin! agreed dgn sis! sy pun kena jugak kat. org duk komen bukan pasal blog,tp yg peliknye diorg benci2 pun tp still rajin baca blog kite ni. aneh betul kan manusia ni? hope sis tabah keyh,ramai lg yg suke baca blog sis :)

  22. peduli kata org.
    "diam itu pintar"
    jz remember dat. (:

  23. korang.. time kaseh sgt2 coz bg semangat kt sy.
    i know. sometimes we can become weak.
    but i'm totally lucky to have you guys that can comfort me. :')


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