sunday sale ;)

assalamualaikum n hye to all ;)
happy sunday!
if you guys are searching for new dress,
u can have a look here.
with the best quality and design,
it's a piece of fashion that you should own ;)
any order or enquiries :

item 119 : english roses baby doll dress
size : free size (fits S and M)
price : rm 35
colour : soft green and soft pink.
why i must own this : it's thick cotton dress made it
as a perfect match for hanging out with friends or with your
loved ones. with pockets at both side, it's one item
that you can't resist!

soft pink booked for fatin asmira
soft green available

item 120 : elegant evening dress
size : free size (fits XS, S and M)
price : rm 40
colour : electric blue, deep black and mild purple
why i must own this : made from high quality of lycra,
this dress will let you look stunning!
p/s : this dress will make you look slimmer and
hide your miss tummy. a must have dress right? ;)
electric blue booked for jiha
mild purple booked for nina
deep black available.

p/s : ini semua dr kedai on9 sy, ;)


  1. sis fatin santek,
    like yg biru tuhhhh...mesti cantik if pki (oke,diri ini terperasan sudaa.. )

  2. sisi fatin,nak yg green english dress tu,ad satu je ke? oh my desperate!

  3. ahah.. yang tu still available ;)
    just email me yr full name, address, hp no to my


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