assalamualaikum :)

here's the SALE!
hope u guys like those items coz
i, personally.. love it!
if u're interested with the items below,
kindly email your full name, address, hp number and
items u like to :

note to all buyers :
1) all payment must be within 3 days of confirmation.
if you fail to do that, the pretty dress might go to
someone else.
2) any opinion or inquiry for the dress is encouraged.
but once u've confirmed to book the dress,
it means u really are!
so u can't cancel it.
remember, make a good decision ;)

well, this few items below are some of the clothes
from fatinsuhana-wardrobe.
still new and available, in case u didn't check at my blogshop ;p
n oh ya, i cut off the price baby!

item 126 : 60's famous dress (belt included)
size : free size
colour : mystery black, sexy red and soft lavender.
price : rm 45--- NOW rm40!

this famous 60's dress will make u look
just wear it with vintage bag.
then, off you go!

item 127 : floral black piping dress. (ribbon included)
size : free size
colour : brownish
price : rm 45 ---- NOW rm40!

u don't need to have any other accesories.
need any tips?
wear it, and you don't need any other tips!

(booked for erni azlifah)

item 125 : free flow ruffles dress.

size : free size
colour : 1 navy blue and 1 turquoise
price : rm 45 --- NOW rm40!

inspired by forever 21,
with a soft cotton material,
this dress will be your favourite shirt of all!
pretty. comfy.
that's it.

tips : wear it with cardigan will make you look
more casual.
wear it with belt will make u look like a diva.

(navy blue booked for iqah)
(turquoise booked for nik nurul fatima)

LATEST from me!

001 : thatroundbelt.
available in : white, chocolate and black.
pre-order can be made if your dream belt is taken!

rm 19

(black booked for najla)
(brown booked for erni azlifah)
(white available)

002 : checkered turquoise shawl.
colour : turquoise lah ;p

it's my favourite shawl of all!
i never felt soo comfortable.
n most important, tak jarang.
so, with only 1 layer, u can cover your head
n the rest, make yourself creative with it! :)
u can also make pre-order for this shawl!


(booked for fatin nabila)

pre-order :
1. sis mardhia
2. fariha ismail
3. mimiey ekin
4. nurul syafiqah
5. nor habibi
6. nur hidayah
7. haifaa nadhirah
8. zariah

003 : thatcheckeredblazer.
size : fits XS untill S.
colour : black-white.
open for pre-order!

i bought this blazer for myself n it seems the
best formal n casual blazer i had!
with high quality of material n comfortable,
it's a must for a girl who loves to mix n match clothes.
u can always wear it with dress, jeans, skirts..
you name it!

rm 50.

(booked for nadia mansor)

pre order :
nur farhana
fatin fashiekin
sharifah nor ain

004 : thatflowerydress.
size : free size (fits XS, S and M)
colours : paint me purple, old school purple, paint me turquoise,
height suggestion : 150cm-160cm.


bought 1 for myself and it's awesome!
i never thought of going to mall wearing dress
because it feels really formal ;p
but hey, this flowery cotton maxi dress is just a perfect match.
n ya, gonna wear this often. absolutely!

paint me purple.

(1 booked for ummi qay)
(1 booked for akmal)

old school purple

(booked for fuzzryn)

paint me turquoise

(booked for fatin nabila)


(booked for sara samsudin)

thank you :)


  1. fatin!want that blazer!!!!please :'(
    really want it...i will buy it!

  2. fatin syahira : thanks! :)

    fatiNovela : boley yang! sent me your full name, address, hp number and items u like at
    nanti ftn booked kan :))

  3. selama ni jd silent reader jeh..hehe!

    nak tny,fatin pny inner tu mcm mn die ble tarik ke depan sampai ke pipi eh?dlm gambar fatin yg lain pn ada yg fatin pki inner yg nice jeh ble tarik smpi ke pipi..dan die cover leher sekali ke?

    thanks =)

  4. I really love the shawl..but agak2 in future ada x color lain..? heheh..
    saw your blogshop. all so gorgeous..!

  5. sis,yg shawl tuh boleh dpt kat kedai mne slain dr book dr sis?

  6. ome ! minat la kat dress tu , tp kan sis , tinggi kita 150 je kot ,cm tak sesuai je pakai dress labuh mcm tu

  7. shawl tu rm20 include postage tak? n inner tu, lawa ah. tak macam inner biasa. tak jual eyh inner tu?

  8. sis, tiera nk shawl tuh bole x?? avilable lg x?

  9. fatin, boleh order lagi x blazer tu?

  10. hello.i na order the 60 famous dress.can eh??plisss plisss.really want it.i da send order form kt emel u da.but no reply. :(


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