Since forever, i never like politics. Well, it doesn’t mean that i hate them, it is just.. not my interest. I try to be as neutral as possible since i don’t want to interfere my thinking with the negative statement that people always create when it comes to politic. But apart from i-dun-like-you-politic-go away-syuhh-syuhh, i still have the responsibility to vote. Since i am going to be 23 this year, it means i am eligible to vote for the country.

For me, it is up to you who you are going to vote. That’s why they say, “undi anda adalah rahsia”.you don’t have to let other people know, seriously. Anyway, i do not want to talk about specific thing in politic because i know, i don’t know much about it. Well yeah, i need to learn more. Not just by reading thru internet and other media, but also by observing the environment. Does it parallel with the things that media showed us with. If not, there must be something lah kan. Do research. Don’t just assume then it became fitnah. You don’t want to get free dosa aren’t you?

But first thing first. Dah mendaftar sebagai pengundi? If you talk a lot about politics, influence people to vote the same party as yours, put your status in facebook or twit about how bad the other party is, in the end.. you are not the one who gonna contribute our country to a better well managed country. KALAU anda tak mendaftar.

But then again, kenapa nak kena mengundi? Semua parti bukannya elok sangat pun. Ade je buruknye. Buat rugi masa je kalau mengundi-some people may say.
Once again, it is up to you to decide. This is only my opinion. So there is no right or wrong. If you don’t agree with my opinion, i am totally fine.

Beginilah, sebaik-baik kejadian adalah manusia. Itu sememangnya tak perlu dinafikan. Dalam sebaik2 kejadian ini pun, ada kelemahannya. Inikan pula di dalam satu-satu organisasi. Setiap manusia itu unik, pelbagai ragam dan cara. Setiap dari kita ini punya falsafah sendiri, pendapat sendiri. Maka tidak hairanlah sekiranya dalam sesebuah organisasi itu, ada pergelutan/ perbalahan. Bezanya, samada sedikit atau banyak. Jadi mengapa harus menunding jari pada organisasi/parti yang anda kurang suka sedangkan anda sendiri ada kuasa untuk memilih? Sometimes, less talk and more observe will let your brain to think more properly. As proverb had once says, think before you talk. Well to make it sounds better : think, observe and analyze before you talk. Because when we talk there’s no ‘delete’ or ‘undo’ button. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya. Same goes in Islam, Imam Al- Ghazali pernah berkata sesungguhnya benda yang paling tajam di dunia ialah lidah. Kerana melalui lidah, manusia dengan mudahnya menyakiti hati dan melukai perasaan saudaranya sendiri.

Apa sebenarnya sy nak cakap ni? Heh. Well for many people, one of the most frustrating aspects of life is not being able to understand other people’s behaviour. We see them as ‘guilty’ instead of ‘innocent’. If we focus on behaviour too much, it can seem like other people are making us miserable. Because of other people’s action, we tend to get upset. My conclusion is simple, we are the one who need to change. I am not talking about accepting,ignoring or advocating violence. I am merely talking about learning to be less bothered by the actions of people.

Seeing the innocence of a person is an influential tool of transformation that means when someone is acting in a way that we don’t like, the best strategy to deal with that person is to distance ourselves from the behaviour; to “ look beyond it,” so that we can see the innocence in where the behaviour is coming from. A person’s action must always have their own objective. Why they do this and why they do that. Jangan melatah. Instead keep calm and observe why the person is acting that way.

After all, you will have the answer on which party/ organization that you want to vote. If it is not for the country, vote the person that you know you can rely on for your children’s future. I bet you don’t take that for granted, is it? But in my opinion, try to find party/organization that you think you can feel comfortable with and you can give cooperation to them without the feeling of wanting something in return. Setiap dari parti ada kelemahannya. pilihlah yang mana diri ini takkan guntur bilamana mereka dicanai bagai. Hati tak resah , Negara indah, Kerja jadi ibadah.

p/s- this is very general since i don’t really into politics. Hope you guys get some inputs in it. Thanks!

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  1. memilih pemimpin yang baik adalah wajib dan tanggungjawab kita...orang beri kita terima...hehehe

    1. yess...!!!!! btol...bkn dengan sebab apa yg dy bg..we need to vote them,kann...^^

  2. ha... politic. . i a tough subject to learn. . conspiracy, kontroversy yang boleh membuat minda tercemar.. so dig until the root and vote... happy voting =)

  3. sbb politiklah negara kita huru-hara =(

  4. ohhh ieqahh pun nkp daftar laa sbb da masuk 21 kan :)

  5. Waalaikumussalam, lately, kena ambil tahu juga tentang politik sebenar tu macam mana.. tak sabar nak mengundi.. hee.. :)

  6. Hehehe politik memening kan. :)

  7. one topic that no one is right or wrong..people can't question why we choose which side :D everyone has their own reason n opinion :D

  8. Agree. Nice thought :)

    I heard for those who didnt sign up to be a voter, they will get fine. Correct me if i'm wrong ;p Hehehehe so cepat cepatlah daftar yee .

    Take care fatin!

  9. me too. saya pun tak minat pasal politik tp mmg sepatutnya kita at least kena amek tahu jgk pasal politik. :)

  10. lisa pun x minat akan mengundi jugak satu hari nanti. insyaAllah :)

  11. entahlah gua tak pernah daftar nak mengundi. Dah umur 27 Tahun. Zalimkah gua buat cmni?

  12. i used to think the same thing too, about voting..slalu rase mcm buat ape nak vote?
    tapi now i undrstand that by not voting it would probably be even more of a mistake kot. bcause with our voting power we could change the one yg mentadbir kiter skrg. to not vote is like to not take part in the process of shaping the kind of governance placed upon us. like not doing anything to try and change what we feel is wrong.

    like letting the flaws prevail and not making the effort for it to be fixed
    (wlpun kiter bukan pemerintah dan kuasa kita tidaklah begitu besar).
    but one day we will be asked of what we have done to change it. to not let the wrong be left as wrong.

    just a few pennies' worth of thoughts i'd thought i'd share


    if i have to choose.. i guess it'd be the lesser of 2 evils?

    yg penting dia Islam dan ada iman. sbb tiada kezaliman yg lebih besar dari kezaliman makhluk yg dicipta namun tidak mengakui Penciptanya.


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