Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hi,

Harini banyak kerja di luar, uruskan kain2 untuk production byfatinsuhana for these few months. then ke bank lah seperti biasa. around 3 something baru masuk office. sebelum tu sempat intai-intai kedai ala-ala cafe wood and steel di bawah butik BFS.

Masa tengah intai-intai dengan husband rupanya ada owner dia dalam kedai. malunya! haha. but both of them (husband and wife too) are very friendly.

"eh jemputlah masukk!" they said. 

we just don't know either to step in or not since the cafe is not open to public yet. but seeing them really meant for us to come, we went inside.

Masha-Allah.. lawa sangat lah kedai dia! tapi cakap dalam hati je lah. malu-malu lagi. ehe.

They're husband and wife (ok dah sebut tadi fine) doing business the whole life. i guess from the age of the wife, Kak zila's age maybe around late 30's or early 40's. Kak zila is very friendly. she used to work with petronas then quit her job doing travel insurance + spa + selling jubahs + wood furniture + and now, cafe. such an inspiring couple! they just love doing business and always seek for new business to join.

we talked a lot and she gives some real good advice for me and mueiz as both of us are still young compared to her. be it, the age, experience and skills. some of her advice :

1. When you get the money, spend it first to your parent. then yourself. zakat. and 

2. Never underestimate the power of sadaqah. the more you give,
the more you get.  like what she said, takkan miskin nya kita kalau sedekah
RM10-RM20 :)

3. Always ask parent to make doa for us. always call them and let them
know what are we doing. after all, barakah is everything. 

her advice is simple. but i know, her advice is based on her own experience. i am proud to see these malay couple being success in their business. Alhamdulillah. moga kita semua pun jadi macam tu satu hari nanti.

Another story that i want to share, is to be extremely thankful to Allah for what we have gained and  for what Allah has given to us. Husband is so fond of cars. i guess most of the guys have their own dream car. so one day, he wished to change his cars. feeling2 sangat duduk dalam kereta sorang2 masa tu then merenung ke luar jendela. eh tak tu sonaone. hmm dah tersasar pulak. tssk  while he was dreaming of it at the traffic light, he saw this one guy using his motorcycle. he's not alone. along with him is his wife and son. and he looked happy. he doesn't need car to make him happy. he is thankful to Allah. my husband went back home and told me the story.. he asked me that he's already happy with what he has and is extremely thankful to Allah. sometimes, we don't know.. people is struggling so hard just to be like what we currently have. bukan sekadar harta, tapi kesihatan, kebahagiaan rumah tangga, anak2 yang soleh dan solehah.. dan banyak lagi.

so moral of the story, jom kita sayang mak ayah kita berlebih lebihan dan letakkan Allah sebagai satu satunya pemberi rezeki. rezeki tubuh badan yang sihat, rezeki keluarga yang bahagia, rezeki harta yang mencukupi dan semua lah. hehe. Aminnn! 

till then, take care people! :)


  1. Amin..all the best to u FS =)

  2. kak fatin suhana nampak cantik sangat :-0

  3. TRUE! semua rezeki dtg dari doa mak ayah! hehe

  4. terima kasih atas perkongsian yg sgt berharga ini..

  5. Indeed! Selalu mintak Mak Abah doakan setiap kali nak p jawab exam. The powerful of our parents dua!

  6. setuju sangat bab sedekah. banyak kali rasa effect dia. sampai rasa nak menangis betapa rezeki Allah itu luas sangat.

    bangga dengan fatin sebab berjaya bukak butik, bangga jugak kat peniaga2 melayu yang sekarang dah boleh buka 4-5 cawangan, alhamdulillah! respek!

  7. Sangat setuju.. :) thanks for sharing fs.. i slalu blog walking cni..