Quick life update.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

It's been almost 6 months since i've been someone's wife. Didn't even realized it was that fast! being a wife + business woman + fully housewife is quite a challenge. bangun pagi prepare breakfast. sementara suami siap2 kemas rumah sikit-sikit (sapu rumah, basuh baju/lipat baju), breakfast sama-sama then off to work. either outside work or kat boutique.. we usually went together. balik rumah usually dah maghrib, prepare for dinner and other house chores. 

That is when life gets normal. but usually.. pukul 11 malam pun baru balik. going overseas for few days, rumah tak berkemas, wuu. but Alhamdulillah my husband did understand that we worked together so some of the house chores (kemas2 tempat kucing) he volunteered himself to do it. these few months I learnt that communication is everything. there are times that we want to express our opinion and we want our spouse to understand it.. so the best time to talk is when we see our spouse is relaxed, he/she could smile naturally and talks a lot (it shows our spouse is in a good mood i guess! hehe). 

I am really thankful to Allah for lending me a perfect match husband (Insha-Allah till jannah) for me. I may have my own flaws so do he, but we complete each other.

After almost half a year getting married, i can now feel quite relaxed with life. maybe dulu terkejut lepas kawin terus tinggal berdua, so there's a lot that both of us need to do. dengan barang2 rumah, business, the cats, families.. everything. but Alhamdulillah.. things getting better.. or maybe great? :)

I love my family and my in laws. both of us are from kuantan so whenever we went back to Kuantan we will usually stayed at both house, depending with husband's permission. 15 minit je pun ke rumah mertua. hihi. 

mm, will update more. maybe after this with pictures pulak. till then, take care people! 


  1. really inspiring..keep on blogging and enjoy your life..

  2. the best part bila husband memahami kita. . semoga snetiasa berjaya sis :)

  3. sound mcm relief after 6 month married ...good share and keep it up!

  4. pandai kak fatin suhana speaking :-)


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