remind me.

when i am mad at you,
it's not because i hate you.
it's because u're not being the one
like u always did.

when i cry,
it's not because u've hurt me.
it's because u've hurt yourself.

when i am happy,
it's not because my life is perfect.
it's because i see u've changed to someone better.

when i seems to control you,
it's not because i want to,
it's because i'm too scared to lose you
untill i can't even think
the rational thing.

remind me.
that you always love me.
remind me.
that you always think that i'm the most
cutest n childish girl.
remind me.
that i'm your future wife.

those things that u always told me.
is the thing that keeps me happy.
no matter what.
and you know that ;)



  1. so sweet la fatin..;)
    kena blajar dgn fatin puitis2 ni..hehe

  2. love this!
    men should read it, then they will know women better

  3. betuahnyeeelaaa encik mueiz tu.. hehe

    betuah jgk org cam che wan (which adored or admired by so many people, including guys) dpt mueiz. seems like sgt memahami~

    happy always together to both of u ^^,

  4. cik jue : eheh.. thanks;)

    deeya : for someone special than special ;)

    nadrah : kannn.. i cam luah terusss. wink

    dark rose : thanks!

    sis mardhia : huhu. kite takde la pndai mane. cume luahan hati. ;))

    farysa : i hope men read this. aha.

    zaren : tatau la bab dea bertuah ke tak dpt sy.. tp i know, i'm lucky to have him :)

  5. seriously I'm totally agree with what u wrote sis..
    sweet and love it! :)


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