fashion show update + keepin up with life.


life has been very busy but so far, i'm still ok n not in the boiling point yet ;p
it's goin to be 3 days more for my fashion show.
if u're interested to come to my event, i'll be selling the
tickets at the main entrance door of Dewan Agong UITM Shah Alam.
some questions that i've received :
- what should i wear?
: anything formal or semi formal. the theme is black, white n red.
p/s- i would love to see girls wearing long skirt. nampak sopan.
well, just another opinion of mine :)

-i wanna go! but i don't know where to buy the tickets.
: don't worry. like what i've told u, i'll open up a small counter around the main entrance
door for you to buy the tickets. so cheer up! :D

-i'm IPTS student. should i consider as public or student to buy the ticket?
: as long as u're student, u can buy the ticket for student price. yeay! :)

any other info, u can always check the event on facebook.
here's the link :)

oh btw, the lucky 5 girls who win the free tickets, please email me
your hp number. nanti senang na jumpe bg tiket n camwhore. eh? ;p
so here they are, congrats! :D :

btw, my email :

Kuci-Kuci Caca
Safiyya Ulfah

thank u sbb sudi join my small contest. eheh :)
....................... .......... ..........................

so enough with the info about the event.
currently i'm lovin my life since my housie mcm makin gila.
sedih betul dapat housemates mcm ni. ;p
hanna knows that i love kuih raya so much.
she brought here some kuih raya n i'm so thrilled!
makan macam makan famous amous punya cookies.
yes, i'm currently putting on some weight.
but. ahh. whatever. ;p
well she looks very happy when i ate kuih raya
n said she'll going to bring moreee.
yesss yesss yesss.
ahaha ;p

n oh, me n ninie are having the same problem
with our dearest fatin fasihah.
since me n ninie are like twins n we can't be separated,
so bila naik kereta, haruslah kami berdua dibelakang.
hanna will seat on the front.
the thing is, fatin is having a symptom of
drive-till-u-reach-the-sky-or not. tssk.
we're actually sitting in the car of F1.
end up, masa fatin tgh drive, kiteorg
kat blakang terpelanting ke kiri n kanan.
n guess what, balik kelas td sy siap slide lagi
smpai himpit ninie n all the books.
ahahaha. a very fun experience!
sumpah best, mcm naik roller coaster.
thank god esok my turn bwk kete. tehehe.

anis best. her mum belikan banyak brg dapur for the house.
even bawang mesin, cili boh, asam jawa, cili, etc.
i can't wait to coooooook. skarang ni kalau nak masak rasa tak berbaloi
sbb masa itu bukan emas dah, platinum, swarovski, sume lah.
makanya beli nasi campur kat gerai je.
after event ni baru jadi gadis rumah semula. ceh. ;p

mira slalu balik kelas lewat sbb kiteorg lain kos.
tp mira tetap comel bile tgk dea main game or tgk tv.
or. tv tgk dea. hehe :)

Fatin F. (that's what lecturer call her to differentiate me n her), ninie,
mira, Fatin S. n hanna :)

mm.. ok la, wanna take a short nap skejap.
have a nice day people! :D


  1. tahniah kepada 5 org yg mng n tahniah kpd fatin jugak ;-)

  2. Good luck with the event! =)
    Will try to make it insyaAllah

  3. cop..~ mcm mne nk dpatkan tiket tuh lau jumpe kak fatin... kak fatin xbz...???
    sye adalah kuci kuci caca

  4. fuhhhhh! tak sabar :)

    sis,check ur inbox at facebook ya ... (onieiyoko)

  5. yes, tak saba nk camwore ngn kak aten :D

  6. ops terlupa. kak aten give me ur email add,tq :)

  7. pergh.. mantop ar budak2 fesyen ni.. ni kalau minta pendapat tuk outfit g dinner boleh gak ni kan?? ooppss,lari dari topik lak.. :-p

  8. arhh fatin pls bagi url fb tuh.. computer opis ni block fb.. adoiii.. thanks...

  9. done email you... =)
    so excited!!!

  10. Menariknyeeee..macam tingin je nak pergi :D

  11. Fatin,
    lagu apa kat background nih ? Me likeyyyy and a lot la ;)


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