songs in my head.

Assalamualaikum :)

i'm a jazz lover. michael buble, norah jones, john stevens, etc..
they're all my all time fave singer. listening to their songs everyday
will never makes me bored. i do, somehow, listen to any genre of music.
i keep my options universal in this (well, except for hardcore music n dangdut. sobs).
but i have my own taste in music. friends called it's a lullaby songs.
i called it, rejuvenating songs.

call me old. yes, whatever you might list it is.
but i just can't help myself to fall in love with jazz n R&b songs.
they're just amazing :)
mm, since i can't sleep, well u might wanna hear some of my personal fave songs.
if u don't like, don't comment negatively.
i'm just trying to share my interest with you guys.
so, sit back, relax n chill :)

n for this, it's zee avi's new song. can't wait for other new songs!

guess i have to sleep. it's 3.39am already.
but seriously, puncak alam is really hot nowadays.
sampai nak tidur pun susah. rasa mcm nak tidur kat lantai je ni (-_-)

till then people,
have a good day :)


  1. teringat nek kete che wan...pasang lagu norah jones....sedap je kan?

  2. uitm shah alam pun panas mcm haram haha tidur je kt lntai, bwh kipas, lg best kan? :)

  3. imma jazz lover also esp micheal buble n lily allen. and i dont think its old at all ;)

  4. lullaby! mmg sesuai dgr time nk tidur :)

  5. sy suka lagu HOME, michael buble tue..
    i like his voice...
    i like the meaning of the song...
    very touch my heart..

  6. lagu kt fikiran i plak setakat ni xde . sbb bz dgn keje2.. hehe jom join photography contest. visit my link ni nk tahu syarat2

  7. lagu norah jones & michel buble mmg best..

  8. faten izzatie : jgnla xske jer aper tuhan buat...

    hehehehe....mmg tenang..tapi krangkan la..baik dgr mnde lain

  9. i suka shiela majid, pergh pergi sekali show dia, she was awesome

  10. nice songs :)

  11. love micheal buble "home"... ;) lagi-lagi bila nak balik kampung.. >_<"


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