Paramore oh now.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

i am really looking forward for this weekend since i've got myself 2 tickets to Paramore's concert! please don't jelly at me, ok? *sambil buat muka kiut tak jadi sebab dah 24 tahun.* this will be definitely something new for me. Because.. i've never been to concert all my life. haha! iye. iye. nerd sangat pateng ni. even my lil' sis dah 2 kali pegi concert. ok pateng super nerd. (-_-')

back to our discussion (do we actually have any discussion?), i don't really fancy concert. BUT, Paramore's songs have been in my life since.. EVER. i can't say no to them because deep down.. i just love paramore! my fave haruslah The Only Exception sebab lagu tu slow sikit. tapi, lagu baru pun best! 

Brick by boring brick is a must listen. and also, Now :) Paramore is one of the band that i fell for after Maroon 5. yang lain semua jazz and jazz. and yes, jazz. how plain i am. sigh.

so to make sure i'm out from being the boring me, i'm in for their concert! 

if you guys want to know more about this, simply click here for Livescape Asia. for ticketing, click here! grr, already give you guys all the links you should go.. so come on! i'm really excited to go thereee. perhaps we could meet at the concert? hihi.. c ya! :D


  1. wahhh.. teringin nak pergi tapi tak boleh ada kelas la pulak... *sigh*.. :(

  2. tskk. T_T nak sangat pergi Paramore, tapi hari yang sama, kena teman tunang yuyu perform band dia untuk Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens. sedihhhh T_T

  3. layan jugak lagu2 paramore ni.. best!!

  4. fatin, me also.... memang suka lagu tu..hehe =)

  5. hye ,done follow your blog ,cantiknyaaa kakak :) adore you .Nanti follow balik tau . hhe

  6. untung larh blh pergi concert.....

    the only concert I want to go is KPOP :P

  7. harap dpt jumpe kak fatin ahad ni di concert paramore!! <3


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