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Assalamualaikum n hi :)

sorry for the long silence.. been quite busy with work. sigh. i really miss my blog :'). anyway.. i have something that might need your favour. it is just.. simple. trust me. all you need to do is watch these 2 short video :

when u're done watching the videos.. i hope you can share things that you really appreciate about your parents, or maybe things that you want others to know about treating our parents. post it in my comment box. if you want to share a story and didn't want others to know who you are.. just put yourself anonymous. 

share with me. and with other readers.. will you? :)


  1. Salam kak Fatin Suhana.

    Just a thought.
    Hari tu, ada 2 org ni berborak.
    "Mcm mana awk boleh treat mak awk mcm tu ek? Mcm baikk je, mcm awk betul2 syg mak awk".
    "Hehe, baik ke? Pada saya, satu je. Parents are never wrong, selagi mereka tak suruh kita buat sesuatu yg melanggar syariat".



  2. Xada org yg mmpu trima n bkorban mcm parents kita bt. Dulu sy pnah tfikir nnt nk kne tggung ma abh. Ckup ke duit nanti. Then sy ngs bila fikir. Ma abah sggp bg apa sj utk kita. Pdahal tu dt drg. Instead of bt smthg utk dr drg sndr drg sggp bg smua pada kita. :")

  3. Bismillahirahirahmanirahim.

    Assalamualaikum Kak Fatin Suhana. Just a brief thought of mine about these videos.Parents it satu anugerah daripada Allah SWT . I cried myself watching the first video as I dont have a father anymore. My dad passed away last 3 years . Al fatihah untuk arwah . Kadang kadang saya rasa ramai yang tak appreciate ayah mereka sekarang ni . Yang derhaka , meninggikan suara tanpa sedikit rasa hormat . Beruntunglah mereka yang masih mempunyai seorang ayah . I cant do things that I wanna do with my dad anymore . Tapi kamu semua still lagi punya peluang . Janganlah sia sia kan kehadiran seorang ayah . Marah mereka kepada kita , itu tandanya sayang . Alhamdulillah , I've became closer to my mom since my dad passed away. Mungkin ini hikmahnya . She is all that I have in this world . In sha Allah , I will always make her happy . Guys , parents itu satu anugerah yang tidak ternilai . Appreciate them now , or else you'll be regretting about this for the rest of your life .

    Assalamualaikum .

  4. tertiba rasa mcam dah lama xbalik kampung.. ok this week perlu balik

  5. tsskkkk . sedihnya video ni . insyaAllah , not to late

  6. kalau sy, sy akan cuba dahulu kan parents sy dlm apa2 jua. like masa, duit, dan perhatian. mungkin apa yg kita bagi tak seberapa, tapi at least dorang dpt rasa di hargai. Insha Allah. :)

  7. There is always a phase in a person’s life when mum doesn't seem to understand anything! Or should I say, I had that phase in my life. I thought my parents wouldn't understand what I’m going through because we live in different eras. So I keep things to myself or share my thoughts with friends. My mum became a mom at my age. She was far more matured than I am today. Heck! I still consider myself a child at times! But as I grew older, living on my own, trying to raise myself to become a proper adult in a foreign land, I learned the art of sharing, the concept of opening up and the beauty of conversations. We could do this with anyone. Yet why is it so hard to talk to the people who raised us? Our parents.

    I could say that now, I share almost everything with my mum and LOVE IT! Lower your ego and talk to them. Because believe it or not, they do understand. I learned that I don’t necessarily have to listen to them (i.e. follow everything they say) but listen to what they have to say (their reasoning).Then you can start parenting your own parents! Haha!=P
    The topic of marriage is inevitable these days! First the marriage then come the kids! One thing to keep in mind is, be the child you want your child to be. Talk to your parents. We’re not young rebellious kids anymore and they are not getting any younger either.:)

  8. tiba2 rasa sedih.. insyaAllah lepas ni sama2 lebih concern about our parents :) jujur, sbg seorang pelajar yg baru nak besar kata org.. emosi tak terkawal. kdg2 tuh kalau terlalu penat, mak/ayah tanya atau belebel ,terus rasa nak melenting. tp lepas tuh terfikir balik, dorang mesti lg penat nak membesarkan kita kan. bermacam kerenah dan ragam.. so sentiasa positif :) cepat2 istighfar bila rasa nak 'melenting' lagi . hehehe. anyway, thank you for sharing kak patenn :)

  9. wuaaaaaa... dah setahun tak balik kg... wuaaa....

    nk blik...wuaaa...


    do visit my blog ^^

  11. ... sorry for botherin u , just droppin by to say u r most beautiful girl I saw in a long time , like a warm mornin sunshine with those eyes .. have a great day ;)


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