what nourishes better than milk?

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Last Saturday i went to Dove press release event at The Food Studio, Mont Kiara. seriously the place is so pretty! banyak benda baru yang ai blajar that day. so joms, kite bawak korang tengok apa yang we all buat that day kat sana :D

masih lagi konpius kenapa event ni buat kat tempat masak2 yang hebak.
 event tu start pukul 9:30 pagi, seperti biasa ai pickup ida and iena kesayangan dulu then barulah ke sana. sedih sebab sesat (first time guna waze time tu. thanks to yuyu sebab perkenalkan. lolz) padahal tempat tu dah nak dekat. tapi tu la pasal.. dah biasa sangat pakai papago kann. sobs. but anyways, bila dah sampai terus terpaku sebab tempat tu sangat cantik dan. rasa macam nak kerja kuat2 dan beli rumah kat situ. hehe.

On that special day, Dove introduced their new NutriumMoisture body wash.

at first, i thought it was just another marketing strategy for products to advertise and increase the sales of their new product. but then, i was totally wrong. Dove NutriumMoisture is definately one of its kind! they even made an experiment to test the skin moisture after using Dove NutriumMoisture and milk.

and yes, Dove NutriumMoisture won. hebat betuls.

"nourishes better than milk" wink.
 what's actually Dove NutriumMoisture body wash?

1. it's a body washes that will not cause dry skin damage. if u're aware, most of the body washes in the market nowadays gives you extra cleansing, but it doesn't gives you much moisture. to make it even worse, people who suffer sensitive skin will find it difficult to choose product which can washes away the dirt/dead cells and in the same time, nourishes the skin. thanks to Dove NutriumMoisture, it gives you both cleansing and moisture :)

2. Only Dove contain a patented formula with NutriumMoisture technology that cares for skin's long term beauty. how does this happen? by reparing and maintaning the stratum corneum during cleansing (by preserving both proteins and lipids)

3. and it smells goooooood :D

the test that i told you about :)

and after the speech, all of us were divided into 3 groups (appetizers, main course and dessert). me, ida, iena and yuyu were in the same group which is appetizers. so yeah, we cook! because if we didn't cook then we didn't have food for lunch. huhu.

caramelizing the onion. it tastes really nice when we cook it with olive oil :)
 the idea of cooking at this event is that, Dove want us to know what is the good food for skin. aww.. so concern of you lah ;) we really enjoy cooking the dishes (avocado salad, salmon with mashed potato and pandan panna cotta) because the chef is helpful and the recipe is.. very effortless. senang, sedap and cepat!

jom tengok other pictures :

Siang's happy face. hehe

Our avocado salad, preparing for the deco. feeling2 masterchef dah tahu :')

salmon yang terlalu sedap. i ate the whole of it in less than 10 mins. (-_-)
this is one of the event that i found very unique yet super fun. try Dove NutriumMoisture now for more exciting nourishment feeling for your skin! serius tak rugi, beli okay? :)


  1. Sabun dove ni best, wangi ^_^

    Nice to meet u by the way :)

  2. wah ikan salmon, nyum nyum~ hihi ade teselit gambar anis athia :)

  3. saya pun guna dove ni memang best bau dia. long lasting dan rasa gebu lepas pakai :) heehe

  4. Baru start nak baca blog akak :) hehe i know that im too late. By the way, nice knowing you. take care !

  5. wao! best event cenggini. unik kan? :D

  6. Seronoklah boleh join event camnie.. lelAKI x de yg join ke nie ? hwehehe

  7. Waaaaaaaa looks delicious! *tahan air liur*

  8. wah.. bestnya... anis athia pun ada juga..

  9. 1st impression bout this topic : owh its about new body wash...

    10 second later : wow food everywhere!! n totally forgot bout that body wash hahaha

    -Mr Cookies-

  10. Salam adik Fatin. Akak baru start nak baca blog adik, salam perkenalan yer... & akak mintak izin letak blog adik kat blog akak ekkk....


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