Kayangan gallery, problem solved for that special occasion.

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Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Kayangan. Fairytale. where things that you imagine could possibly turned into something real. well of course most of us will seek for that 'problem solver' during our special day. and i am highly recommend Kayangan Gallery for you those who is planning to get married, yeap you lovebirds :)

the founder of Kayangan Gallery, Noor Akhmaremily is a mother of 1. she had her landscape architecture background from RMIT, Melbourne. For this particular Kayangan Gallery, they're specialized in weddings and events (decorations)- dais/pelamin and such.

i know, tolong menangis sekaranggg. cantik!

You can check their facebook page here and see more photos of the pelamin and hantaran. for me, they kept it simple yet it has such a beautiful and elegant effect. don't you think so? i've been dreaming a lot lah kan and felt so sad that they might only take orders in kl and selangor area only. but thennnn.. i saw an album of a very beautiful pelamin in Swiss Garden Hotel Kuantan! so sesiapa di luar kl, this might turn your dream wedding into reality :')

since the owner love to explore new ideas , you can try something new and fresh with them. boleh lah planning elok2 wedding theme, main colours combination and all, then discuss with the owner. i love Kayangan Gallery punya style sebab nampak sangat mahal dan simple2 je. and the price is reasonable too :)

ok lah taknak cakap banyak. sila cepat2 ke fb page mereka dan menangis sambil berangan bila nak kawin niii. pada yang nak berkahwin, u guys REALLY should check them out. coz i think i'm going to get their service, so soon :)

details :

Kayangan Facebook page
Kayangan Instagram

tata, take care people :)


  1. Cantiknyaaaaaa. Suka their flowers arrangement.

    1. betul! nampak effortless, tapi sangat2 cantik :)

  2. Tq 4 sharing fatin,sgt2 cntik..simple but nice..yuhuu!!!!inspirasi perkahwinan..

  3. Tq 4 sharing fatin..sgt2 cntik..leh jd kn inspirasi pkhwinan ni..yuhuu!!!

  4. cantik!!!!!!! i asked their quotation! sgt sgt reasonable! sbb i suka bunga bunga yg drg guna lah! semua cantik. hydrangea, roses. sgt cantik!! bukan guna bunga putih yang india bwk pergi smayang tu . bunga apa eh tuw?? byk sgt org pelamin guna bunga putih tu tp i tgk price sama dgn Kayangan Gallery ni. syg je, i punya date taken. huhu. i nak sgt hire drg pls pls . Kayangan Gallery i promotekan untuk u ni, pls do decor utk my wedding jugak. i email u my venue dkt saloma tewww. plss

    1. haah dey all mmg sgt reasonable :) oh ye ke.. takpe2, hopefully u got their service! :D

  5. Salam, kami student Universiti Malaysia Pahang, buat satu campaign awareness so that Malaysian will inspect their car regularly, mohon follow dan bantu kami :D http://umpautoinspector.blogspot.com/

  6. wahhh.. cantiknyaaa...... but lama lagi nak kahwin.. huhu


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