it's about nothing.

assalamualaikum ;)

i've tried to write what i feels.
but suprisingly.
i came out with nothing.
n i figured, it's because i don't
have any feelings at all.
at least, that specific feeling.

stop playing with my heart.
it's fragile, u know.

goodnight people.
do appreciate people who loves you ;)


  1. yup ! setuju ngan kak fatin ,
    appreciate people who loves us :)

  2. amoi : selagi ade org yg sayang.. bersyukurlah ;)

    faten : hee. tiada apa2 yang. thanks!

  3. zarifah : yang.. nape ni.. jgn nangis.. esok ade paper kan.. have a sleep dear ;)

  4. "do appreciate people who loves you".
    like it soooo much. :)

  5. do appreciate people who loves you ;)

    yerhh betol tuhh saya sokong..heheheh

  6. "do appreciate people who loves you".
    betul. wlpon tak sempurna.

  7. appreciate ppl who loves u. love dat fatin.

    tp kann..rmai yg tak amalkan tuh. including me.dulu la.huhu..skang dah menyesal sgt3..

    latest : kerana keterlucahan melampau.

  8. hai sys :) i've been your silent reader quite a while now. sangat suka ! keep it up.

    anyways, good luck in everything you do :)


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