bfs basic signature.

 Assalamualaikum n hi :)

Alhamdulillah.. so much good things happened nowadays and one of it is the upcoming BFS basic signature hijab. i was very particular about finding the materials, the sizes and all. for most of the days, i prefer to use plain hijab but bawal seems quite see-through that i have to wear it with inner. so i came with a solution, bigger size, soft, cotton, easy to use and most of all, it is not see through :)

yes lovelies, i got my own brand tag there! heee. something that i made with heart and would like to share with people. i hope this will be a good start for me on 2013 :)

here's the sneak peek of some colours and ways of wearing it. to know more and purchase this product, kindly visit or facebook fanpage tonight, 8:30pm. 

thank you! :D


  1. wawawawawaa.... bestnye.. tak sabar nk tgk koleksi FS ni.. yayy...

  2. Like seriously i hope it's affordable for me :) love the most the 2nd one from the right. oh my. plsss

  3. waaooo! interesting! x sbar nak tnggu for ur own collection. oh sis! congratz sbb dah ada hijab collection under ur name. :D

  4. congrats sis....

    best regards
    kak miza of

  5. Cantik laaa Fatin! Rasenya tahun 2012 last year kot, ternampak awk dekat Gold Chile subang makan butter chicken. Tapi kot2 org lain.. :D

  6. salam hai fatin, bleh xklu u ada payment via cimb click?
    berharap sgt (:

  7. cantik. cantik. kena tunggu ni. hehe.

  8. Finally! Saya memang tertunggu-tunggu sangat jenis tudung yg solid. Thanks fatin! :)

  9. salam kak fatin... harap dapat keluarkan color baru kalau ada rasa nak masukkan stock baru nanti ya,,, hihik... take care n_n


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