the truth is.. we are happy with what we have.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

How was your puasa so far? for me.. Alhamdulillah.. tahun ni tak selapar macam tahun-tahun yang dulu. ayat macam tahun2 sebelum tu perangai melantak aje (-_-')

don't know where to start because i think this post will be quite serious, i guess. have you ever think about what is your purpose in life? most people will have quite similar reasons.. to name ; to be success in life, to be happy with the one we love, to be showered by the bless of Allah, etc. and i know it is good when we have those purposes as it somehow give strength to motivate ourself to be better.

but seriously, do you actually depends on your purpose of life or just keep on compete with others? in other words, jealousy makes you a better person. well, if it is.

i found it is quite difficult to put this in words. things keep on lingering in my head but i just couldn't find the right words. hopefully, i will find it by writing in my dear blog.  

i don't know about other people, but for me competing is a must. it is not necessary with other people, our own self sometimes could be the biggest competitor. To be frank, i live my life competing with my own self. i do not really care about other people competing each other. for me, setting my own benchmark and passed through it is a success. if you are in the same boat with me.. have you ever felt that the benchmark actually never exist? because once we've passed it, then we set another benchmark which is higher than before. it is like.. a never ending process. 

then i found myself very workaholic. which is good. and it comes with a package of anger and temper. which is not. that. good.

after a while i realized that sometimes i need to stop and appreciate. be happy of what we have. stop competing ourself with anyone. He gave us to reach for a certain level for a reasons. we never knew it was only a test from Him if we're too busy setting the benchmark or competing with others. so stop. analyze.. and appreciate things around us. for instance, being rich is not the solution of all problems. some people may have fewer money but their life is full of love from the family. some people may have fewer money but they still manage to lead a successful life. another example, always being the last in class doesn't mean it is the end of your life. maybe it is time for you to seek your innerself and let yourself do things that you actually love. or maybe, this is the last stage for you to keep on standing before you finally reach your ultimate success. well, good things come to those who waits. doesn't it? 

the truth is.. we are happy with what we have :)

i did not said that we should completely stop competing. it is only for a while. a short break to appreciate and smile. to fill the heart with small good things to be remembered along the way to success.

the end.

well actually those above writings was not in the plan. huhu. i was planning to let you know that i am going to open a bazaar this upcoming friday and saturday :D *mcmtakadakenamengenalangsung.
during this bazaar, ByFatinSuhana (BFS) will reveal its Raya 2013 Collection for the first time before it open its sales on the website ( next week. plus, got discount some moree! don't worry, most of the collections comes with S, M and L sizes to make sure customers will get the perfect fit for their 'baju raya'. wink. trust me, all of the collections is very tempting. if you know my taste  then you'll absolutely gonna love this raya 2013 collection :)

well apart from baju raya, BFS is also putting a massive sale on other items. such as :

and blouses will be as low as RM20! so make sure you mark your calendar and be there okay? bring along your mum, sisters, cousins, girlfriends as there will be special gifts too :) can't wait!

take care people!

p/s- sorry for the bad grammar. tssk.


  1. Salam Fatin,
    Kt depan kedai tu mmg xde any signage ke? Haritu dah pegi tp x nampak any signage n tak tahu nk naik ikut pintu mana:(((

  2. owh, near with me. insyaallah i will be there*

  3. wahhhh...hopefully dapat pergi too..^^

  4. yeayyy. nak singgah lah esok! hihi

  5. kalau ada kesempatan, boleh terjah kejap ni.. :)

  6. Hi…saya blogwalking kat sini. Jemput datang ke blog saya yer

  7. always reading your new entry . May Allah bless you :)

  8. Agreed with that..sometime,we have to analyze and syukur with things that we hef now...but...its good to challenged urself sometime for a better u and better life:-)allah is the best planner..insyaallah..may allah bless u,dear..

    as an intreprenuer as u too,i always hef my own goal to be achieved..

    Hope we can be fren...


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