late night stroll.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

previous week was quite a challenge because i am looking forward to end of this week. will let you know at the end of the entry why :)

so last night me and my lil sis, Farah went to publika to have our dinner. we planned to dine at Plan B but it turns out Ben's always in my heart ;p Ben's is my personal favourite place to eat! i love everything about them. the food, interior, service.. everything is nice. usually i went to Ben's in klcc because it is nearer to my house and the interior was much much beautiful. if you wish to try their food, ben's restaurants are located (as far as i know) at KLCC, Pavillion and Publika.

all time favourite, fisherman's catch :)

farah with her cheesy-toastie-something-can't remember-sigh

a group of people is celebrating their family member's birthday. been stalking them from above. tehee ;p

there are a lot of makan-makan place that i would like to share with you girls especially in kl and selangor area. besides being a cat lover, i am a serious food lover. and that's why i need to exercise a lott. umi already gave me warning by the way ;p

oh and ya, not every place must be exclusive. if it means food lover, warung cangkung tepi jalan besar pun boleh. where to get the best nasi ayam, the best char kuey tiaw, RM4 ayam penyet but still the best in town, etc. so stay tune and i will try to feed my blog with more food entry. yay or nay?

farah trying to be vain. oh well ;p

i'm in love with my cotton long skirt from byfatinsuhana. coming soon next week! but if you wish to buy physically and be one of the early birds, with more discounts. boleh datang ke rasta ttdi minggu ini hari sabtu dan ahad dari pukul 10 pagi hingga 7 malam. sy akan berada di sana sepanjang 2 hari tu, so jomss! banyak lagi online shop yang hebat2 ada disana termasuklah my brother, AshAnnas :)

kita jumpa weekend ni okay? :D

take care people!


  1. can i know how much the meal set of Ben did you eat ?

  2. Sometimes Miss Farah looks like Liyana Jasmay...Btw both of u cute :)

  3. i always aiting ur ne topic, its verry nice ^_^

  4. yes please! do blog about food..would love to try new places. :)

  5. can i know what kind of camera did u use fatin ? :)

  6. Wah high taste ni...em brp semua? Ada masa boleh g sama-sama plak.

  7. you should try mbak aan ayam penyet in hentian kajang.. the sambal is pedas tak tentu hala...

  8. I've no idea how I ended up being here..


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