simple recipes with awesome illustrations.


I was in the flight last Tuesday when i read an article about this.
it was featured in the Going Places magazine.
this is absolutely a great piece of motivation for girls out there (or maybe boys)
to try out simple recipe and it seems really fun and pretty!
do visit this website :
They even categorized the recipes from vegetarian, cupcakes and cakes, dessert, soups and much more :D

some of the illustration recipes :

for more pretty recipes, do check them out!

btw, i made this chocolate pandan cupcakes today, with marble deco on top.
sedap :')
since the texture is very light and I made it less sugar, I ate it a lot.
usually i don't really eat what i've baked/cook.
tp yg ni skali mkn 5-6 cupcakes terus. huu. harus exercise lebih byk lepas ni.
recipe.. akan diletak apabila masa tidak mencemburui sy ( ayat syarahan ke apa nih? )
mahu tidur awal! esok kije harus bersungguh2 dan bermotivasi :D

goodnight people and have a great day onwards!


  1. rajin awak buat sume nie..hobi yg sama =)

  2. yesss!nampak sedap,hihi...selamat malam kak fatin :))

  3. nampak sdp sgt2.tapi sy takde bkt masak2 nie...

  4. Nampak sedap and those instruction are really interesting :) hhe goodnight

  5. sedap jea nampak tu..kongsi ckit..:)

  6. ohh laparnya. huhu. comel la semua recipe ni. nak kena try satu satu ^^

  7. love your background music.. feel very relaxing.. ;)

  8. comel je recipe nya , menarik minat pembaca untuk mencuba

    nice post =)

  9. wow, sedapnya! nanti boleh share resepi :)
    btw, last friday nampak fatin kat black canyon.. masa fatin lalu kat tepi meja akak and my family, nak tegur tp rasa segannya!
    you look gorgeous as usual :)

  10. Assalamualaikum

    hi fatin :)
    thankyou for the great information,
    have a great day at work
    can't wait for you to share the recipe
    looks very very yummy ^^

  11. hi..
    mmg looks yummy the cupcakes u bake.. & those illustration really cool!


  12. pergh...cake dalam cup ni semakin popular noo...tengok rasa lapaq la dah walau baru saja setel nasik kandaq..heheheh

  13. smart nya cara dia letak resepi tu :)

  14. Thank you for the super awesome shout-out Fatin Suhana. You've sent 808 wonderful people to our fun foodie playground!
    Nate from They Draw & Cook

  15. Cantik la kek coklat pandan tu. nampak so delicious. Boleh kongsi resepi dan cara nak buat?..tq

  16. fatin yg cantik n comel, thanks for the link, i love the page :) n we share the same hobby, i do love baking. i got the same books like you too ! ^^ - atiqah


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