thank you note :)

Assalamualaikum :)

so tomorrow i'm going to start working back after 4 days off.
need to start doing thesis a lot more after this.and i had this 
one assignment given by my boss. i have to organize an event!
hee. i guess my boss knew how much i love organizing an event ;p
tapi yang ni tak boleh main2 lah. and obviously it is not about fashion, style, etc.
Insya-Allah fatin.. you can do this! 

anyway, sesiapa yang telah membuat tempahan naturactor/ loose powder dan 
membuat bayaran sebelum hari jumaat, Insya-Allah, sy akan post brg tersebut pada hari Jumaat.
jadi takde lah awak2 tunggu lama sgt sampai sy tutup order baru sy buat postage kan :)
kepada yang tak order lagi, don't worry! this sunday baru tutup order. wink.

oh, nak berterima kasih kepada mereka :

 Jezmine  dearie from Old Blossom Box. shooting for her latest design. melting :')

Eazy from Catalyst, Faz from TudungPeople (her upcoming shawl is very tempting!),
 AnnasEaskey a.k.a abgku yg garang tp the vogue, kak IanSham meletops ala2 yuna,
Kak Maz from Mazlianul Maznan (gorgeous dresses!), the models and crew.
working for tvc with these people are great!
thank you :D 

ok nak tidur dah. mengantuknyee.
till then, gudnite people :)


  1. u always make my heart melting

  2. kak fatin cantik :) i like it !

  3. cantiknyaa.....

  4. kak fatin cun gilaksss..ahha..sweet je..fazrena si cantik jelita...suke sgt tudungpeole

  5. sumpah cantikkkk gile kak fatin ni :DDD


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