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*while listening to Clair De Lune. One of my daily routine. i've changed my background music to this :)

They say good things come to those who waits. But waiting alone is not enough. Good things do not come to those who wait. Good things come to those who pursue the goals and dreams they believe in.

Dreams and goals.

Something that i love to talk about.  I have so many dreams. i live my life, believing that dreaming can give me happiness. Executing the dreams with goals in life will make me satisfied. But life is not like a bed of roses. Sometimes it feels like too good to be true, and sometimes it feels like between the devil and the deep sea, having dangers in between.

Different people have different aim. See, my goal is different from yours. Some of us may aim high, some may not. The previous me would always aim high because i do not believe in biasa-biasa. To be good, you must aim high. But as time goes by, when some tragedies occurred, i know that aiming too high will make you fall into pieces if it is not done according to the actual plan.

Sometimes, perfect for others does not mean it is perfect for you.  Sometimes,  things that have most flaws will suits you best. Why? Because you know in any way, you can resist the flaws. While the so-called-perfect, once broken considered sold.  

Hmm. This is only my thought. If yours is different, i am totally fine :)

p/s- I’ve always  wish to have a good life, but not with myself as the bone of contention.  Never. 

sorry, i think i've mumbled a lot here. anyway, selamat menyambut bulan Rejab. perbanyakkan amal ibadah pada bulan ini. let us start with puasa, shall we? :)


  1. salam Q fatin..akak..mak q fatin org ganu eh?org wakaf mmpelam ke?sy org org kemaman..mak sdra sy duk wkf mmpelam tuh..akak slalu x blk ke wkf mmplam tuh? hope akak dpt rly..


    1. salam lina, ha'ah. both my parent org gannu. hehe. mm, jarang dah balik sana. slalu balik dungun je, takpun cabang tige :)

    2. owh..patut la leh ckp ganu kite upeny..nth2 ayh knl parents akak..xpn sdare yg duk kt wkf mmpelam tu knl mak akak.. ayh sy asal kg duyong..mmg trully ganu la..mak org kitorg stay kt kemaman..nice to know u la sis..x)

  2. sama2 kita perbanyakkan ibadah di bulan Rejab ni :)

  3. salam,kak fatin...akak cntik cgt... sweet... akak org trggnu ae..bru thu.. :) sy pn org terenggnu... akak comel... ^^_

  4. Noooooo....!!! I love that quando quando quando song! :'(

  5. salam.kte slalu google translate ape yg kak fatin tulis kte x ksh sbb kte bole improve english language kte skali.btw adore ur style and ur way. :)

  6. fatin oneesan, try ler bunyi2 violin..mmg lyn..

    p/s:kot2 ade sesape pose djh 6 dulu ade tgl leh gnti smenta rejab dh tiba nih..muahahaha..rindu quando3 :p

  7. postingan2nya sangat bagus, menarik dan bermanfaat,,terus menulis,,karena dengan menulis kita bisa mengembangkan imajinasi kita dan menjadikan kita lebih kretaif..serta kadang bisa menghibur orang lain.. ^_^

    salam kenal
    kalau berkenan silahkan mampir ke EPICENTRUM
    folloback juga ya buat nambah temen sesama blooger,,tukeran link juga boleh,,makasih..^_^

  8. InsyaAllah, jom sma2 kita mulakan hari kita dengan berpuasa pada bulan Rejab ni.. :)

  9. selamat bulan rejab tu u too..

  10. i always aim way too high...
    once it didn't goes according to plan memang sakit
    but it always jadi sebab tu wake up cepat..and pursue dreams :)

    jom ramai2 ganti puasa :)

  11. yeap i do cant accept any flaws...but no-one have a perfect life rite..
    i'm sad when i've been defeated huhuhu

  12. you, mimpi biar sampai ke bintang :)

  13. Truly agree :) I dont agree with that quote cause I believe good things come to those who make an effort to make their dreams come true.I wonder if by only waiting,the 'good things' will still come to us while we doing nothing,wait and wait and wait..Hehehe Im being sarcastic here :3 Aiming something high will put more pressure to ourselves,but my teacher advices me to put my dreams higher than everything cause when we do so,pressure mood turn on,our body+brain will be pushed to work harder to make the dreams come true :) And I think we're all can handle the pressure well :) #Good entry kak fatin!

  14. ohoo..slamat berpose~..btw anak che wan khalid ke?.

  15. selamat beramal kak fatin..semua org ada pemikiran masing2 pun ada juga..dan cara kita juga berbeza utk capai goal kita...satu perkara saje yg sama adalah usaha.
    keep it up kak fatin :)

  16. Oh My English!

    1. give me happiness = direct translation (memberi kebahagiaan) should write it as 'makes me happy" instead.
    2. those who waits. those is plural, therefore the verb, wait should not end with 's'. the correct one is 'those who wait.
    3. will suits. the same rule applies as above, in which, after the 'will' there is no 'waits' but 'wait'

    I am just doing my job, as a grammar nazi.
    Call me a hater, of any mistake in English.

  17. Thank you! I really appreciate this. Please, correct me if i have any grammar mistakes in the future :)


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