Lebaran X : Online Hijab Boutique (OHB)

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi there! so how's your Ramadhan so far? can't believe we only have about 2 weeks for fasting, and then.. it's hari raya! hehe. ok back to the topic. today i will introduce you to another fast growing hijab company, Online Hijab E-Boutique also known as OHB. i've always love their tudung since i love to see the model, Amirah Filzah. she's too pretty you know! so when Annas said that one of the company that will be part of the project is OHB, i can't stop smiling :)

for this shoot, me and Annas decided to shoot at The Louvre and Pont des Arts area. The Louvre is actually my favorite place in Paris. maybe because i am a museum and history lover, so it gives me extra endorphin while posing in front of the camera ;p

Pont Des Arts is a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine river. Louvre and Pont Des Arts is just nearby to each other. what i like about Pont Des Arts is that, they have this :

full of padlocks!
Most of the couples who came here will put the padlock as above image, write their name (some might also put their anniversary date, or any romantic quotes, etc) and let it be there, forever. they say, it is a romantic tradition in Paris. if i have the opportunity to go here again after I've got married, i'll definitely go her with my spouse.hehe. your opinion?

in love with this tudung since they have laces :)

what I like about OHB, they have varieties of colours! and all of them is very beautiful. mustard, purple, soft pink, magenta, moroccon blue.. haih. why everything have to be so lawa? (-_-')

grey tudung with nice beaded for extra style.
i love the material. its Lycra is so soft yet stretchable. very comfortable i could say since it doesn't give me headache at all (i've always have headache whenever i wear inner or hijab that does not suits me, maybe the material or too tight). pretty colours, comfortable, affordable price.. what else do you guys want? :)

beautiful pink blazer, credit goes to Pearl by Eisya Syakira :)

if u're interested to see more hijab from OHB, kindly visit their FB page here, or their website here. or you can straight away go to their boutique at Plaza Damas, jln Sri Hartamas. hurry up guys before it is too late! :)


  1. you're too lucky dear. too lucky!

    fateen innanie.

    a friends of saffiya ulfah! ;)

  2. you know, you are so beautiful muslimah that i ever see. =)


  4. bestnya fatin dapat pergi tempat-tempat macam ni. :)

  5. beautiful fatin suhana. selamat hari raya:)

  6. cntiknyaaa!!! collection tudung pon lawa. owgnya pon lawa. hehe.. the pink blazer also beautiful n looks elegant. very suit for u, sis.

  7. fatin,awak nmpk chubby..hee..comel je..


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