Lebaran X : Mazlianul Maznan

Assalamualaikum :)

For those who always fancy and admire the touch of professional designer, you might be interested to  see the design of our next client, Mazlianul Maznan. most of her design is based on 'simple yet elegant' look. well, who doesn't love being simple yet simply gorgeous in the same time? from my observation, the design is very classy and the colours are very rich. meaning to say, the colour itself represent on how high standard the brand is :)

Pont Neuf.

for MM (short form for Mazlianul Maznan), me and AnnasEaskey had choose to shoot at Pont Neuf or in English, New Bridge. well, despite of its name of new bridge, Pont Neuf was the oldest standing bridge across the river seine in Paris, France. the place really suits MM design since they have something in common, which is very classic :)

i know, the design is too beautiful :')
 If you are concern about the quality of the dress. please, do not worry. i can assure you that, the quality is as good as the well known professional designer. hurry up, MM is famous for selling fast items. so what'cha waiting for? :)

thanks to AnnasEaskey for taking beautiful pictures of the scenery and the shooting itself :)

breathtaking scenery at Pont Neuf.
for more design and other products of MM, click here.


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