Lebaran X : Citraida.

Assalamualaikum :)

I was very excited during Citraida shooting. maybe because they gave us a lot of tudung bawal (which is too pretty to resist!) to shoot and i am one of thousands tudung bawal fans. what i like about Citraida, their shawl is the shawl that you can wear everyday. they have bawal (with pretty manik/beaded on top), half moon shawl, dual tone shawl (u can actually wear both sides!) and many more.

The theme, young and colourful. thanks to Rina Salleh Collection (RSC) for such a pretty candy pop dress and Old Blossom Box (OBB) for an eye-catching accesories :)

in love with this red bawal!

half moon shawl

lycra. ohh.. this lycra shawl is soo easy to wear. please, do check out their fb fanpage!

see. we can wear both sides. how cool is that? :D


the price is affordable. beli borong pun boleh. so, who's going to Citraida with me? :D

p/s- i was trained by AnnasEaskey to be professional during working. he is so serious! i think my emotionless heart during that time helps me a lot. hehe. but yeah, sometimes you have to be more serious to earn more knowledge. i had fun, well after the shooting. ;p

to know more about Citraida, click here :)

till then. more updates coming :)


  1. mintak maap sebab garang!! hehehe!! tapi kan, u did very well and i am sooooo proud with you!! <3

  2. cantiknya , especially 2 gambar akhir.. :)

  3. waa.. how can that shawl flew beautifully like that? o_o

  4. sis gojes :))
    truly from die-hard-fan of you.kinda.
    and i really love the song.:)

  5. oh my god...all hijabs are very ohsem! mmg lawa abis. suma cntik. cntik sgt!! modelnya pon lawa. hee~~

  6. Cantik. N i love tudung num 4 it's color catching. Wee done babe. Beautiful.

  7. comelnya..comelnya..comelnya..

    fs persis norjuma

  8. cantiknya wanita muslimah yang berhijab... :)

  9. wow!!! cantiknye.. definitely goin to check it out! :)

  10. all the shots are pleasantly beautiful!


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