caffeine withdrawal victim.

Assalamualaikum :)

i was so demotivated and had this unpleasant headache
today without knowing why at first.

after i took nescafe (since that's the only coffee i had at home),
n 2 pills of panadol, i feel a lot better.
i mean, i became myself again!
so i googled n it turns out that i'm having caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
tak cool lah mcm ni. :'(
i want to get rid of it, but i know i can't do it now
since i'm going to sit for my final next week.
and to detox it, i'm sure it is going to take
a lot of courage. huah.

some of the symptoms that i suffered today. :

1. Headache
-it starts behind the eyes n moves up the front of the head.
2. Sleepiness
-it's not any normal tiredness, it's like sitting up straight but still
can't keep our eyes open.
3. Irritability
- Everyone and everything gets on your last nerve. it's best
just to lock yourself in your room during this stage.
4. Lethargy
- forget about productivity at this stage because u'll be unmotivated
to do anything. *this is so true. i even cried coz i feel useless today.
surprise. surprise.
5. Depression
- Caffeine withdrawal can take away all hope for living. temporary
blues are one thing. but if you already struggle with depression this could be a
big issue. (-_-)
6. Lack of concentration
-forget about school, studying, brain surgery or jet engine repair
during this stage of withdrawal. *yea. yea.

so kepada rakan2 sekalian,
if nak consume coffee, berpada-padalah ye.
baru nak start study ni, sobs.

take care people :)


  1. best of luck fatin :)
    jgn consume byk caffeine sgt okeyh next time ^^

  2. i'm facing the same situation.. patut la.. baru sedar. -___-

  3. dulu kat sekolah kan kite selalu minum kopi stay up sampai tengah2 malam. sampai skang, dzilal, if u can remember her...tiap2 hari amek caffeine =)

  4. good luck..!!!
    sesama lah kita amik exam.

  5. bestkan jadi you.. famous... would me be like you?

  6. sama lah situasi saya.., last-last pening,, too much caffeine spoiled my day!!

  7. Take care. Me having massive headache tapi tak boleh tdo :/ Nak pecah dah kepala ni :/ haih Goodluck ! studyy :)

  8. goodluck akak !! jaga diri elok2 :)

  9. good luck eh..happy new year 2012

  10. There is a remedy! Rasulullah SAW knows best, yet many turn to elsewhere when faced with worldly challenges including preference for dietary like coffee?:

    (Diadun dengan ramuan herba tradisi Islam)

    Sabda Baginda Rasulullah SAW yang diriwayatkan oleh Imam Bukhari: “Tetaplah kamu dengan Habbatus Sauda’ ini kerana sesungguhnya ia penyembuh bagi segala penyakit kecuali mati.”

    It is important that muslims- male and female refer to the holy Quran when in doubt and or uncertain on any issues from head to toe including consumable items!

  11. gudluck fatin!
    comel awak dlm safiiya dgn tutorial tu =)

  12. ha memang pun kak.dulu time spm hana try minum pearl cafe/nescafe pagi2.but end up dgn sakit kepala yg amat sgt! dgn rasa nk vomit.sgt dizzy.tmbah2 time amik pearl cafe.mungkin tak sesuai dgn hana kot. :'( hati2 lah ya.kadang caffein ni mmg tak elok utk otak.
    btw goodluck akak cantiik! :)

  13. happy new year and take care..

  14. ala fatin xpayah la minum nescafe lagi lepas ni..minum milo jela,ok! :p

  15. btul tu ckp kaka. pasne minum milo jela. hokey

  16. so feeling lethargy too..

  17. say no to caffeine.hehe.zaty mmg tak prefer sgt caffeine ni.tea jela yg minum.neacafe/kopi mmg jarang sbb nnti pening.. :)

  18. nescafe mmg boleh beri tahan mata kita dpd mengantuk, but cuma few hours je. nanti end up with sakit kepala, and rasa mengantuk balik lepastu. minum air mineral banyak2. hehe goodluck :)

  19. Ya, a bit procrastination. Need some oil to cheer up..

  20. awwww.. i luv coffee :)

    p.s: 1st time here..nice to c u.

  21. we're in the same shoes sis...but mine getting worse..i got shaky hands and i'm juz 20...

  22. my god,kak fatin,I'm the one yg sangat suka minum nescafe until now nescafe give no effects to me.patutlah since this year selalu je macam tak senang je dengan and then selalu sangat rasa keliru,penat tiba2,then berat sangat kepala padahal tak ada probs.thank you so much la for the advice :)

  23. muka fatin kat sini seiras my sis in law lah..


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