cloud nine.

Assalamualaikum :)

it is every people's dream to have a beautiful life.
different people have different perspective on how beautiful
their life would be if their dream came true.
as for me, it is one of my dreams to have a nice, cozy yet elegant house.
a touch of modern interior design would make me happier :)

anyways, since i was a kid i always imagined that my bedroom
will look like this :

hehe. a lot of pink! super cute isn't it?
but as time goes by, i prefer something simple, minimalist,
modern n of course, elegant.
oh ya, i love large glass wall. a LOT.
i'm dying to have room like some of the pictures below :

breathtaking. enough said :')

super cozy n comfy. white colour will never gone wrong kan?

i want this. i want this. wuu.

to have that kind of bedroom need a lot of $$$.
even a simple room at ikea cost around rm10,000 (complete set).
n of course, first thing first = buy a house/condo.
weird nye bila fikir bilik je, tak fikir the whole house (-_-)


it is not wrong to have a lot of dreams.
as long as we plan and try to reach for it.
for me, this is what i called motivation.

goodnite people :)


  1. bestnya tempat kite beradu macam tu kan kak..idaman setiap orang..


  2. theme pink for bedroom walah !

  3. wow..cntik blog fatin.. =)) anyway angan2 agar jd impian dan kenyataan =)

  4. agree with onie..the pink one mmg superb!ala2 barbie doll..xgitu??

  5. i loike loike loikeeee :) semuanya cantik !

  6. all are nice..sangat2 cantik..awesome+gorgeous+amazing+fabulous+beautiful+nice...:')

  7. fuh..! yang mngadap pmandangn tu mantap.. sah awal bagun pgi dbuatnya... :P but i like it

  8. semua menarik! yg pink tu cute sangat :)

  9. semua nye cantek..but y pink tu comell :D

  10. salam.. kak fatin .. nak tanye skit niee... akak punye tinggi berape yekk?? :D HEHE..

  11. betol. impian membuahkan motivasi. motivasi membuahkan usaha. semoga berjaya :)

  12. oMG!!! impian kita sama...lets fight for it sis!! =D


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