Lebaran X : Aneesa Amani

Assalamualaikum :)

Aneesa Amani is one of the company that gave us the responsibility to shoot in Paris. They gave us 5 hijab along with 5 beautiful dresses. at first, the owner of Aneesa Amani thought i am a tall person. sadly, i am not (-_-') and i was so afraid that the dress didn't fit me well. but it turns out to be very presentable! i just love the combination of hijab and dresses that they gave.

Most of the clothes material is cotton lycra. it gave a very beautiful flowy effect as i'm walking at the garden. During this shoot, many people looked at us with smile as if they were supporting us! hehe. ok well maybe that's only my perception. but.. i'm happy :)

i really really love Aneesa Amani dresses and jubah. i have to be honest, at first i thought it is just another common dress. but once i wear the dress, everything changes. the material makes me looks like a princess. not too tight (which i love the most) and comfortable. now this, this is the dress that every muslimah woman should have :)

come, let me show you the pictures :

in the maze :)

i love this jubah!

Annas really did a great job, so proud of him :').

If u're interested to know more about Aneesa Amani, u can click here. or just go to their shop at Jalan TAR. -no 3, lot 79, jln TAR or G03, lot 55, the life style bazaar, jln TAR, kl.

Thank you :)


  1. location kat mana tu?? cantik sangat..

  2. Thank you for the information...dh singgah ke fb aneesa amani...dan dlm proses pembelian baju :-)

  3. pergh....smooth je tgk gmbr....nice

  4. cntik! n the collections are great. byk yg ssuai tuk muslimah. sbb x ketat.

  5. Hai Fatin, akak memang dah lama pakai baju Amani nie.. Sangat sesuai untuk wanita muslimah tao.. Colors dia pun nice2.. Harga memang affordable.. :)


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