dari perspektif awak?

assalamualaikum :)



  1. fatin, suka sangat~~
    bukan dengar sangat awak cakap (sebab awak cakap slow, kurang dengar)
    tapi awak cantek! :)

  2. to be honest, dari duluuuuuuu lg kite rs fatin seorg yg humble! :) so keep it up ok. ;)

  3. lembutnye suara.cantek,pandai bergaya,pandai speaking,perfect dear:))

  4. fatin inner neck ade lagi x?

  5. Hai kak Fatin! From my point of view (through your blog posts and all), you're a very humble and soft-spoken person. I love the way you speak English, so fluent! :) You're pretty and it's undeniable. So I started buying Dara magazine after seeing you in it. Hihi.

    Anyways, all the best in everything you do! ;)
    Much love, xx.

  6. tak dgr ape yg awk cakap haha...tp comel..!

  7. wah main vlog sekarang, plus nice comment for movie drive angry.. ed tak tgk lagi movie tu..

    as for now, be your self..

  8. faten..u r so adorable tp suara slow la..x clear ape yg awk ckp..but u still cantek =)

  9. fatin comel sgt! tp slow x clear.. hehe.. and 100% so agree ngn shahiela C ckp.. humble,good in english speeking..keep it up fatin..:)

  10. You are beautiful, smart, talented, soft-spoken, confident and you have all other positive traits that other people would definitely love to immitate (in a good way).

    Banyak2 bersyukur dengan anugerah Allah tu dan gunakan pada tempat yang sebenarnya. Jaga diri ye dik..=))

    -my 20cents opinion on you-

  11. salam..

    thank you so much for the compliment!
    i would thank to Allah for all His kindness
    towards me, hanyalah hamba Allah..
    n u guys too, thank you :)

  12. very kind-hearted, smart and beautiful lady.
    miss u.


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