Qaleela shawls.

Assalamualaikum :)

I am so in love with Qaleela shawls. since i love something which look simple and easy to match with, i would suggest you guys to have a look at BFS facebook page this monday at 9am. size nye 1m x 1m. but since it is not that see through (but you can always wear it with innerneck as a prevention), you can always wear it like a shawl or bawal like. before this, i am not a chiffon lover. but once i tried this.. i just can't help falling! it's a high quality french chiffon. and with the price of RM39.. everyone can own this beautiful hijab! (can't believe i revealed the price hereeee. kat fanpage BFS tak letak pun lagi. untunglahh korang.hehe)

so i guess, see you this monday? :)


  1. cantik sudut gambar ni di ambil...pandai tol org yg ambik gmbr it!!!

    ~Admin : QasehMuslimah-Munirah~

  2. wahh!!! cntiknya shawl ni, kak fatin. as always, labuh. sy suka! harga pon affordable! trbaik ar! :D

  3. ya la mmg cantik... suka yg labuh2..

  4. salam...selain dr kat FB boleh tgk kat mana lagi ye..sebab saya ssh nak bukak FB time keje...tudung tu sgt cantik n yang penting labuh....-Munira


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