ship that will never sink.

Assalamualaikum and hi :)
Pulau bidadari, Jakarta.

Going to Jakarta last 2 weeks was actually one of the best vacation i had. it doesn't need to be far, as long as you're with the right people, your vacation will be a great one. been there, done that ;)

i went to jakarta with my so-called brother, AnnasEaskey and 5 new good friends of mine, which are Yuyu, Ida and Iena (zhe very pretty doll twins), Shing (i owe u a lot babe!) and Yunshin :). oh my.. untill now, we still contact each other thru our own group in whatssapp.

we didn't plan that much as most of the things were sponsored by KLM and Indonesia Tourism (thank you so much sponsors!). but i believe that because all of us have the tolerance.. we manage to have fun and make this vacation a memorable one.

ida and iena. can u guess which one is iena and ida? ;p
i met ida last few days and we share the same feelings on how we missed each other and the vacation so much. and today, i met yuyu and we said the same things too. how sweet is that :')

the pretty ladies, Shing and Yunshin ;)
 As for Shing and Yunshin, we just knew each other this year. but we're close together as they are soo fun to be with! i can't resist to be with them. hihi. i miss how you guys and annas sang in the van like, everyday. and we kept laughing untill we're asleep. ;p

in the middle of hundreds of islands called Pulau Seribu, Jakarta.
Still remember the incident when my cat, Dreamer is informed to me.. went missing when i just reached Jakarta. i cried and feel so depressed at the moment. that night, i cried untill i felt asleep. and woke up the next day, crying again. i thanked to Allah for giving me such a great friends since they give me a lot of support and the next day when i was told that dreamer is found(phew!), they're happy too :D thanks babes, sorry for the tears. huhu.

Annas and Shing trying out some batik from Aleira Batik ;)
definately will meet you guys again, soon. we should do keek video. lolz. don't know why it is so famous nowadays. i have one, for the sake of viewing others video ;p. but thinking of deleting it. but, nanti tak boleh tengok nora danish dah. tssk.

miss you my roomate ;')
hope this new friendship will last forever. thank you for being such a great friend, lovelies :)


  1. wow, i can feel how excited all of u having this vacation together, so sweet =D

    1. hihi.. kann.. nanti nak update yg detail2 lagi. excited punye pasal. ahah

  2. nice blog

  3. kan.... kalau knl yuyu terus rsa great friend.. suka! iena mesti yg pink tu..hiks :) mesti byk cerita kan time nk tidur.. bedtime story. tu yg rindu!

  4. amboi..rancak nauu yuyu cerite..huhu..

  5. wahh so great!! sweet memories....^o^

  6. bestnya kalau dapat camni...huhuhu

    ~Admin : QasehMuslimah-Munirah~

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  8. aihh rindu gila kat yuyu. kau pun babe, lama dah tak jumpa. takpelah nanti time yuyu kahwin kita jumpa ye che wan :')

  9. That was so sweet of you girls. Teringin pulak nak vacay dgn my bestfriends mcm ni. No matter what, friends till jannah :)

  10. wow, nice place and nice friendship..:)

  11. Seronoknya.... nanti nak plan vacay gak la..

  12. Kiri iena n kanan ida. Kan? Heeee.

  13. bestnya dpt pergi bercuti camginie...

    semoga persahabatan yg terjalin antara kamu semua akan kekal sampai bila2...:)

  14. try organize for fan blog trip pula... =D


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