it's a clearance sale!

assalamualaikum :)

td dok kemas2 bilik n i've opened this one box.
ada baju2 yg masih baru (my online shop) !
coz ada yg reserved tp tak beli2. so now i'm giving u guys special price
for the clothes!
serius rugi kalau tak grab satu.
sy sendiri ade satu for each of the item.
sbb kain best n cantik.
n ya, it's inspired from gossip girl n forever 21 ;p

mcm mana nak order?
email kod item, nama penuh, alamat dan hp number anda
ke :

item 123 : bedazzled spaghetti dress
size : free size
colour : mystery black
price : rm 48 NOW rm35!

beaded and bedazzled is soo in right now!
wanna be like serena and blair?
try this ;)

item 125 : free flow ruffles dress.
size : free size
colour : turquoise
price : rm 45 NOW rm35!

inspired by forever 21,
with a soft cotton material,
this dress will be your favourite shirt of all!
pretty. comfy.
that's it.

tips : wear it with cardigan will make you look
more casual.
wear it with belt will make u look like a diva.

item 126 : 60's famous dress (belt included)
size : free size
colour : mystery black, sexy red.
price : rm 45 NOW rm30!

this famous 60's dress will make u look
just wear it with vintage bag.
then, off you go!



  1. yunk... nakk.. yang kaler hitam last tu! pelis.. macam mana nak semua tu?

  2. hye yuyu! email me yuyu punye : kod item, nama penuh, alamat n hp number. my mail : :)

  3. sis! sy dh email sis utk item 125 ;)

  4. syg, nak yang kaler merah tu....

  5. mane2 baju yang tak terjual awak jual masa garage sale ker fatin?
    yg kat taman selamat tu..?
    ahad nie kan


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