why muslim women wear hijab?

assalamualaikum :)

sile pakai earphone kerana suara sy sloww.
sy rasa webcam kt lappy ni membuatkan suara sy ta kuat.
uhuks. maaf ya.

this is just opinion.
what's yours?

n sorrrrrrry. sy cam tak bersedia sgt dalam ni.
ckp pun spontan. *bajet terrer ckp. sobs.

till then,
take care people :)


  1. great sis ..... ^^
    good job ..

  2. i think u should remove da music bckground.Coz u voice hear nothng even i'm using headphone. =)

  3. xdgr la cyg..tp suke tgok awk ni..cantik naw :D

  4. i think you mentioned too much of 'actually'. so it'll be better if you lessen that a bit next time. cheers :)

  5. boleh je dengar.
    stop or pause lah dulu background music kat blog ni sblm nak dengar tuh.. huhu

    good opinion dear. :)

  6. aiyoo xpacan lak kat bwh de player tuk musc.Ingt guna gratis mp3 code. =p

  7. nmpk awk kt showdown...(almk...lari tajuk lak)

  8. Heee gudd opinion lha sys ! :)

  9. bagus sgt opinion awak:)..dan mungkin juga awak boleh tunjuk ajar kat adik awak farah tentang hijab..:)

  10. hey babe! love your blog and your level of decency as a muslim woman! :) however, do take note of certain mispronunciations like "major", "appearance", "fashion", "pastel"... etc. additionally, it's "you have to cover" instead of "you have to covers". aaand, i'd prefer the asian english accent though, because there seems to be a struggle to maintain the british/american accent, yikes! no offence though! you're doing a great job, keep working on it kay :))

    your reader from singapore

  11. beauty with brain. keep it up :)

  12. Replies
    1. I appreciate you sis... and must admire your good thinking... Jazak Allah


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