it's not older people, it's wiser people.


this entry might looks a bit mature as i know i'm not that
old enough to talk about this. but, nobody knows our ajal kan.
so i'm gonna write it anyway. *awal2 dah emosi? huhu.

sebenarnya tak perlu tunggu tua atau rasa diri ni dah besar, kawen
dan ade anak, cucu bagai pun. it's just my perspective. i guess i inherit this
from my dad. since i was small, my family taught me to respect older people
n most important, patuh dengan ibu bapa. alhamdulillah, umi n abah
taught me a very good lesson n along the way, i realized that
things that i argued with them in the past is not because they want to mould me
as what they want, it's because they know better what will lies ahead if we jump
into the situation that we thought it's the best for us. sounds familiar to u too?
i guess it's normal for the teenagers n adolesence to behave like that because
most of us DO protest, but not many realized what are the plans behind
not giving enough space, freedom, etc to us in the past or maybe untill now.
n for me.. once we realized.. it's easy for us to follow their tempo n
yea, the bonding will gets closer :)

let me put myself as an example. i'm a very determined person.
as much as i want things, i'll try hard to make it happen for me.
ini same je mcm keras kepale n degil ;p
yes, i am. in fact, tersangat degil.
habis pmr, sy nak sambung dgn lukisan kejuruteraan (LK)
since i like to imagine n drawing things.
tp my family didn't agreed. they ask me to take account.
so, okay. *n i'm not good in it. that the saddest part. sobs.
baru nak masuk 2 bulan mcm tu, i've got ann offer to SBP.
but i need to take biology. since my parent seems so happy
with the offer.. i accept.
life in SBP is fun. but i can't study.
at the end of the year, i moved to a normal school but still,
i took biology. n i was sad about it. uhuh.

after spm, i thought i could catch my dream at last.
taking industrial design is all i ever wanted.
me n my cousin went to limkokwing n i signed myself there.
but my family was totally unhappy.
i'm done with science. i don't want it as my career.
also account because i'm not really good in balancing the acc, etc.
so they want me to take business.
i was like.. seriously?
i don't see the point at that moment.
i cried a lot.
all the dreams that i've potrait in my mind, my sketchbook,
my diary.. it's gone.
after all the pains (pade masa itu la, aha), i did solat istikharah.
it feels so good. so calm. so clear.
even my heart didn't really accept it, at least i'm trying :)

so i went to uitm jengka.
i think, always think positive helps me a lot.
even in reality uitm jengka is no fun compared to other uitm campuses (in physical),
but i started to think what i can do here.
it's soo exciting to be in jengka actually!
i've get a lot of opportunity to learn new things here :)
i've tried hard to create a fairytale of mine, n yes. in a reality world.
it might not be like in the novels or movie because
there were ups n downs. but that's life.
n people are not perfect.
they make mistakes. n they repeat it, sometimes.
here, i've learned new good words : trust, loyalty, supportive, enthusiastic, commitment.
n to make it balance, i've learned.. the -not-so-good-words too : betrayed, backstabber, hypocrite, anger.
for me, life is not perfect.
but how we manouver the life between the good and bad,
makes it perfect.

i started to enjoy taking business n i further my
degree in international business.
it's getting harder, but nothing is easy kan :)
in today's world, business is everything.
no matter in which field u are,
u'll stick with business.
it's broad. might be in economics, marketing, ethics, transaction,
culture, finance.. etc.
so for people who might say taking business is easy.
u're totally wrong my dear.
it's like u have to know the world,
from how much people in russia, their culture, what they like,
they hate, their economics etc to transportation cost from
another place to another.
n in countries like indonesia, thailand (countries with high volume of people), why some of the doctors selling drugs to people. might be because of high demand.
increase the economy etc. same situation like thailand.
pelacuran shj, menyumbang hign percent of
the countrys' economy.
ok ckp pasal bisnes mmg takkan habis. laju je tangan neh nak menulis kan.
sorry. uhu.

anyways, what i'm trying to say is.. mungkin tak semua apa yg mak ayah kita ckp itu betul.
sbb mereka pun manusia.
but in the meantime, cuba cari maksud tersirat.
maybe after that, we'll understand.
it takes me REALLY some time coz i don't understand why my parent block
me with my passion.
but then i know, i have another passion.
n i can still achieve my designing n drawing things
with business.
yes, setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya :)

do what your parent says.
it might takes a lot of courage to do it.
but one thing i'm sure,
u'll never regret.

goodnight people.
take care :)


  1. sama la dengan saya ...^^
    banyak benda yang kita nak tak dapat ..tapi
    insya allah yng sekarang akan tercapai ..^^

  2. akak..saya rasa akak macam membantu apa yang tengah serabut dalam otak saya memandangkan saya baru abis spm...and akan sambung study bulan 7 ni..parents saya suruh amik kos yang saya tak suka.tapi bila baca entry akak...macam satu jalan penyelesaian bg saya...thanks sis..really2 love u.. :)

  3. What a deep post yet meaningful. I know exactly how you feel, I was a science student but parents suruh tukar course business because as you said, it is more broad, semua tempat even di hospital pun guna business people. And alhamdulilah, I'm now happy with it. :)

  4. yup.yup you're right..
    whatever parents said is a miracle..
    kalau tanye pasal jodoh.. ayah syu mesti kata hmm die ni mcm xsesuai kasanova.. alih2 mmg tul..kata2 dorg ni agak masin gak.. hmm the latest ones he said that he look like a good guy for me.. and he know that guys love me more than i could my dad all this things?? org kata org tua banyak mkan garam..the bless from parents is important right??

  5. i could not disagree with you sis.
    as cliche as it may sound, but everything does happen for a reason ;)

  6. "do what your parent says.
    it might takes a lot of courage to do it.
    but one thing i'm sure,
    u'll never regret."

    it is true.
    coz they know what's the best for us. ;)
    currently, i'm going through this situation.

  7. x sangka kita berada pd jln yg sme
    kita masuk bdg yg kita sendiri x minat sebenarnya
    tp tuhan dh tentukan itulah jln kita. kita harus lalui dgn penuh keyakinan.

    tq for sharing this kak phatin ;)

  8. my dear adik fatin,

    always remember that parent knows best...i use to b like u...but need to hav faith in wht ever u the end of the day, insyaallah u will b able to do things/stuff that u me...
    i'm stuck in oil n gas but i manage to hav a boutique on my i know u can..;)

  9. sama lah kak...apa yg kta nak semuanya tak akan dapat lainlah kalau kita usaha sendiri dan bersungguh2..

  10. i really got what u mean. samalah seperti ungkapan,kita mengharapkan matahari memancar ditengahari,tetapi Allah menurunkan hujan lalu,kita bersedih,tetapi rupa2nya Allah nak hadiahkan pelangi untuk kita <3

  11. A very good motivation for me Fatin ^_^

  12. ur rite fatin :) same to me. dulu amek kos civil engin. at the same time family soh amek bisnes. tap last2 amek bisnes jugak dan i semakin mint dgn bisnes :) Good Motivation :)

  13. sorry but i think it should be career, not must be a typo then..still understandable though

  14. most of us mmg akan kene ngn this situation kan.. well, maybe because kite masih muda n tak tahu yg mana satu lebih baik. same goes to me :)

    oh my.. thank you! mcm mana lah sy blh tertulis mcm tu. haihs. thank you again :)


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